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Anxious under the present economic climate? Relax, make money with blockchain games! Just play to earn!

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10 Projects       Created at 2020-05-21 05:13:19 UTC
About Play To Earn
Collecting crypto dolls, trading crypto properties, raising crypto pets, real-time PVP battling, old school arcade... There are so many ways of playing that you can earn tokens through these best dapp games: CryptoDozer, a coin-earning and collecting dapp; Upland, a property trading game EOS dapp; Axie Infinity, a digital pet and battle Ethereum dapp; Gods Unchained, a trading card game Ethereum dapp; Solitaire Duel, a PvP Klondike solitaire game with EOS prize; CryptantCrab, a crypto game to collect, mutate and battle digital crabs; Prospectors, an exciting strategy crypto game on EOS; DIG for IT, a blockchain game dapp based on TRON; HyperSnakes, a multiple snake battle blockchain game on TRON. The tokens can be used for in-game consuming or exchanged for fiat currency in the real world. Collect, fight, win tokens and make money in this dynamic crypto world!