About The Best New Collectibles
They say “Times have changed, and so has the art and collectors”. People used to feel lucky to own a baseball card or painting and trade it for money later on. Nowadays, more and more things have become collectible items and the young blood dwelled into — cryptocurrency or token is one of them. And when the non-fungible token / ERC-721 token was born, the concept of collectibles got disrupted. ERC-721 is a token but it is a non-fungible token (NFT) and it allows developers to create a token that cannot be shared between multiple owners and can contain stats and or features for each individual NFT created. Not surprisingly the ERC-721 function has been widely adopted by many dapp games who created NFTs that represent characters or items — like the notorious CryptoKitties — a blockchain game or we could say it is a collectible game. To make things more interesting, the Ethereum community invented ERC-998 and it can work together with ERC-721, allowing players to transfer entire characters with all their stats, items, and even tokens, in one go. By leveraging the blockchain technology and its non-fungible “character”, not only the gaming but also the art world are changing tremendously, you can own, sell, trade or give away the in-game items if you please, and also you can buy or trade the digital paintings in exchange of cryptocurrency. And you are the collector in the whole new world. This playlist is the best way to discover all the trending collectible dapps, including the blockchain games, crypto artists and artworks, and more. With all the best new collectible decentralized apps at your fingertips. So novice collectors, what are you waiting for! Go check out the playlist, start collecting, and flaunting your unique collection!
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