About Best Klaytn Dapps
As one of the latest Blockchain networks that added to the Dapp.com ecosystem in 2019, Klaytn and it’s blockchain applications are interesting for us to look up. Klaytn blockchain is an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that aims to bring user-friendly blockchain experience to millions of users. Developing by Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of South Korea’s leading mobile platform, KakaoTalk. Klaytn provides Private Chain for the end-users as well as for the independent operation of the blockchain. Also, it provides its own Layer 2 solution (Sidechain) called Service Chain for an enterprise that avoids the use of public blockchain due to data privacy. Klaytn has realized the block generation time with the finality of one1 second for the fast response time as in mobile applications. It has reached the high performance of 4,000 TPS (Transaction per second). This performance is planned to increase continuously. In Klaytn’s ecosystem, it uses the term BApp (Blockchain App) instead of dapp (decentralized applications). As Klaytn's Position Paper mentions, dapp (BApp) is the application that follows the rules of decentralization. However, there is no need for every application to be dapp. And it is not right to insist that it should unconditionally be dapp just because it is carried out at public blockchain. Blockchain has many advantages other than decentralization. BApp, or dapp is the term that includes that of Klaytn — it can make use of blockchain’s intrinsic characteristics like transparency, traceability, immutability, and anonymity. Currently, Dapp.com has more than 20 distinct Klaytn dapps listed on the platform with Cosmochain (FitsMe) leading in both 24h users and 24h transactions at the moment. In this playlist, we will introduce you to the best and fresh Klaytn dapps that you don’t want to miss. For those who are looking for new dapps for daily use, this playlist will be the place you should pay attention to. So, come back often, will you?
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