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Hey gamers, it’s playtime! This is the place for all the awesome games that you should not miss. In this collection, you will find all the coolest blockchain games, whatever it is just debut recently with a fresh new concept, or the classic ones that deliver more than nostalgia, which all hand-picked by our editorial team and we are all hard-core dapp gamers, just like you! We have witnessed the builders of dapp games have been developing and offering dapp games that give you — the gamers control over the features and in-game assets that you want to be included in the game, which is a core value of the blockchain technology. And this could lead dapp game projects to focus on developing incredible content that brings more and more players and even mainstream players to blockchain gaming soon. Items earned in the game would retain their monetary value that can be traded in the markets according to the prices set by the community itself. This would definitely put the in-game item packs on non-blockchain network games in a difficult position since they have no intrinsic value at all, nice right? Therefore, if you are (or used to be) a traditional gamer, right now it’s a very good time to jump on the decentralized train and start playing dapp games — and you will find the right game in this collection! We at Dapp.com are here to help promote decentralized applications and share this exciting new technology with everyone, we truly believe in decentralized technologies and blockchain gaming's capability to revolutionize mainstream gaming. And what matters most is that dapp games do not succumb to the woes of mainstream gaming and developments as their troubles provide important hints on what to avoid in this new market. Get ready and be bold and check out these new picks, and see if you can find the next game to test your might!
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