About Decentralized Social Lifestyle
We live in a place that dominated by social media — it is an undeniable force in today's world. Whether it’s a political event, or just a celebrity feud fueled entirely by twitter peeps, social media has played a key role in all of it. But we are not going to talk about social media’s impact, we are here to showcase a new world to you and refresh your social lifestyle with decentralization, and we believe you will be happier and your data will be safer. Applying the concept of decentralization to social media might have been mind-blowing, but it is literally happening right now. We all know that the real value of a social media platform is in its content and connections. But with the blockchain technology, decentralized social media dapps are going to completely take the place of their centralized counterparts, because of the new concept of ownership, the fairness, and inventiveness. In the social media industry, decentralized technology promises to offer a new approach to protect data privacy and improve content regulation. So there is no more data breach and no more third-party data providers, you will be able to enjoy the social network and connect with more people, while without worrying about your data and keeping your identity safe. In this collection, we are not only highlighting those Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram-like decentralized applications that you might be familiar with but also we are bringing a few newcomers with niche concept like the dapps are built for the art and music community to the list that might seem interesting to you. What is going to change for the future of social media? We are attempting to know too. But right now, it’s time to detox your centralized social lifestyle and get in the wave of social media dapps. Now let’s take a look at popular social media decentralized apps and let’s connect in the decentralized world now.
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