About Best Steem Dapps
Steem is a social blockchain that grows communities and empowers users by allowing them to make immediate revenue streams and rewarding them for sharing valuable content. Steem is made for the social network and you — the generation of social media. If we are going to talk about the Steem, we will have to talk about Steemit. And if you’re in the blockchain space for a while and you may have heard of Steemit — one of the most well-known Steem-based decentralized applications. As the first social dapp that built on Steem blockchain, Steemit is well-recognized dapp and widely used by the community. Also, along with Steemit, there are many social Steem dapps with advanced user experience are coming out of the market, such as D.Tube, 3Speak, Partiko, and more. We will be constantly adding and sharing fresh, and of course, the best social Steem blockchain dapps to this the best Steem dapp playlist. But is Steem the next-gen social network and only for social dapps? Although Steem has quite an amount of social dapps and lots of people think Steem blockchain is just a decentralized “blogging platform”, over the years, Steem has already created a well-established ecosystem for the dapp developers to build decentralized applications with the larger user base. There are entertainment dapps like blockchain gaming, which provides excellent user experiences, and also tools and other platforms like Steemhunt, helping people find interesting products. In a nutshell, Steem dapps have everything that we have been looking for in our next killer dapps — easy to access, gas-free, good user experience, and user incentives. And most importantly, Steem has lots of hidden gems and we are going to share them with you and help you discover your next favorite Steem dapps.
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