About Best EOS Dapps
It seems like these days everyone is having so much fun betting on EOS dapps — are you one of them? As a decentralized system that empowers the development, hosting, and deployment of commercial-scale decentralized applications, EOS is designed to support dapps similar to Ethereum in its core functionalities, but with a much smoother process and also can handle thousands of transactions per second without on-chain transaction costs. They aim to provide a complete operating system for decentralized applications by providing services like user authentication, cloud storage, server hosting, and more — meaning EOS dapp is faster and the cost is cheaper. So even though the idea of the EOS decentralized applications might be relatively new, if you’d like to compare it to the Ethereum and Steem blockchain-based dapps, but it is already making its way through the crowd. Here in the Dapp.com community, we believe in EOS blockchain dapps and their potential, and we want them to have a stage and voice they deserve. In the EOS playlist, we pick out all the best, useful, and fresh EOS dapp that developed by developers from the EOS community. Aand users have access to the whole dapps list so that they can find exactly what they need, from casual betting dapp like EarnBet and TrustDice to decentralized new encyclopedia Everipedia, and also games like EOS Knights and more. For even easier and more effective best EOS dapps browsing, we have grouped them into themed categories, such as EOS games, tools, or EOS-based DEX. As you can see already, the EOS decentralized applications have unlimited uses and can be designed for whatever purpose the creator wants and the users’ needs. We are aiming at becoming the database of the best EOS application not only for developers and for users but also for ourselves because without them, without you, we couldn’t grow and work for global blockchain applications’ success.
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