About Alternative Ways of Trading
Speaking of trading cryptocurrency, when it comes to safety, we all know that centralized exchanges are not the best option, and not to mention that it’s fundamentally violate the basic tenants of a decentralized crypto economy. Leading voices in the cryptocurrency industry have loudly against centralized exchanges, like the Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin hopes that “centralized exchanges go burn in hell as much as possible.'' Therefore, a decentralized exchange (DEX) — a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in a decentralized way and without a central authority, will be the solution to the trading safety and also it could be your alternative way of trading. It’s time to move cryptocurrency exchange to decentralization. The decentralized exchange has four categories, such as off-chain protocol (ForkDelta), fully on-chain (Oasis Trade), hybrid (IDEX), and liquidity pools (Kyber Network and Bancor). And all of them offer a trustless process for cryptocurrency deposits, trading, swaps, and more. Your funds and other digital assets are not “safe-guarded” by any centralized entities. From our quarterly Dapp Market Report, we’ve seen more and more people start trading their cryptos on the decentralized exchanges. Now the decentralized cryptocurrency infrastructure and decentralized exchanges are being built — hats off to the buidlers, we have more options to choose from. So the next question is, which decentralized exchange should you trade your crypto on? So in this collection, we will show you the best-decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges that can be used to trade in today’s day and time and let’s deep dive into the list of best-decentralized exchanges. Happy trading!
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