A Celebration of Dapp.com 2.0 Launch #Dappicorn
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Instructions & FAQ
Q1: Who & Why Runs This Event?
A: Dapp.com is a space where support people to learn about what decentralized technology is and how it can transform the world. We are creating an entire ecosystem to encourage dapp development, awareness and usage. Features like software development kits, a dapp incubator and a market insight tool attract developers - while users value our informative content and the integrity and quality of our curated collection of dapps.
Dapp.com helps developers and users understand, create and enjoy the exciting new world of decentralized technology with confidence.
We encourage users who are curious about dapps. So we are preparing a decentralized version of this slot machine to show you how the decentralized tech works, and you can experience the difference between centralized and decentralized method, if you’d like to, try decentralized version very soon!
Q2: Is this event for free?
A: Yes, it won't cost you anything, please enjoy yourself and have fun!
Q3: How long will the event last?
A: From 00:00, Oct. 17th, 2018 to 24:00, Oct. 28th, 2018 (EDT)
Q4:What can I do with collectible prize?
A:Collectible items can be used on the dapp that they originate from. Once you win the item it will be yours, which can be sold or traded. Dapp.com's partners provided valuable collectibles, from various dapps, such as CK, CMW, ExoPlanet, 0xUnveise, CG, and more to come!
Q5: I won! How could I get my prize?
A: Please sending an email titled: username + country to [email protected] with your registered email address, we will send the prize to you before 24:00, Nov. 2nd, 2018 (EDT)
Q6:I really respect your work, how can I get in touch?
A: We welcome everyone who has passion just like us! Please reach out to us at [email protected] with a subject line: Hey, I’m here!
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