Crypt-Oink NFT BuyBack Program

2019.04.15 - 2019.04.19
Announcement2019.04.15 - 2019.04.19
The 100% Money Back Guarantee program. This is a working program and thus the specifics are still being decided, however, what IS planned is shared below! 1. We intend to ensure up to 10000ETH worth of Gen0. 2. CryptonCrypton purchased from the official marketplace will qualify for BuyBack. (Past, present or future purchases) 3. Bred Crypton that meet certain conditions dictated by the Crypt-Oink management team will qualify for BuyBack. 4. A certain amount of time must have elapsed from the time of Crypton purchase 5. The Crypton must be in the Veteran league, or past 10 years of age.
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