To enjoy smoother gaming than webpage-based blockchain games, would you like to download and play a blockchain game on your PC?
2020-09-15 23:05:54     15 Participants
For traditional PC games like Dota 2 or LoL, we usually download and play, as it provides a better game design and more fluent game experience. But for most of the blockchain games, you could only play them on a website in your browser. 

Recently, CIPsoft, one of the leading game studios in Europe, has entered the blockchain field with its new game, LiteBringer, that allows you to download the blocks on your PC. This would promise smooth gaming that few blockchain games could offer.
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2020-09-15 23:50:45
Well, why not give it a try? If downloading is the solution for blockchain games, I would surely support a game like Litebringer.
2020-09-16 01:25:39
Download it complicated and high threshold for user onboarding. But if the game is really attractive, I may try. But how can the game make users feel attractive before users download and try? This is a quesiton.
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