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Treasure Box
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Treasure Box
Main Network
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Dapp Contract Balance:  1 EOS
Smart Contact
Dapp.com Ranking measures the performance of a dapp, the higher the ranking score, the better the dapp is.
Dapp.com Ranking
Today’s Ranking:0
Weekly Average:2
Best Ranking:41
The total number of community members from Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Discord.
The number of wallets that had interacted (transactions) with a dapp’s smart contracts.
Interactive Users
Total Unique Users:34
24Hr Users:0
7Day Users:1
24Hr Highest:14
The amount of transaction represents the numbers of actions between users and dapps that involved smart contract interactions.
Transaction Amount
Total Amount:407
24Hr Amount:0
7Day Amount:1
24Hr Highest:116
Transaction volume of tokens to a dapp’s smart contracts, which is the amount of tokens spent in the dapp.
Transaction Volume
Total Volumes:557.73 EOS
24Hr Volumes:0 EOS
7Day Volumes:1 EOS
24Hr Highest400 EOS

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