How To Win
  • THE 2 PERSONS WHO FIRST GUESSES the 12 keywords correctly will be the 2 lucky winners to open the $600 USDT wallet successfully. $600 USDT for 2 winners, each will get $300. We will contact you through your registration email on for the $600 USDT award distribution.
  • The words have no lower case or upper case difference. They DO NOT have special characters, nor accent, hyphens, cedillas, etc. It may be numbers or words.
  • We will spread the tips of the 12 keywords (Every Keyword Will Be Related To LiteBringer Project) here on this page and on our social media from 16th Sep 13pm to 21st Sep 13pm UTC0. 2 keyword tips/per day.
  • Every user will have 50 times of guessing below.
  • You will get more tips and know whether your guess is correct or not through retweet our Twitter tips post or share our Facebook tips post. So be sure to follow us: Twitter, Facebook.
2 Winners ONLY.
First come, First win. Good Luck!
You can start to type in your answers at 13pm 21st September UTC0.
Daily Tips

Question 3: For which game are the creators of LiteBringer famous for?

Hint: You can find the information on the homepage.

Question 4: Which effect does the skill of a sorcerer have?

Hint: In the character details you find all skills and effects.


Question 1: On which blockchain is LiteBringer operating?

Hint: You can find the answer on the mainpage of LiteBringer.

Question 2: How is the world of LiteBringer called?

Hint: You can find out the world name at the beginning of the How-To-Play video on LiteBringer website.