Your Future Wealth Manager Is on Blockchain

2019-07-22 06:49:48 · 8210 views · 4 min read

New Monday, new week, new dapps! 


We had 21 new dapps from various blockchains joining our community last week: 9 TRON dapps, 4 Ethereum dapps, 3 EOS dapps, 3 Blockstack dapps, and 2 dapps other blockchains. 


In this article, we would like to take a close look at 4 new dapps that can help you manage and optimize your wealth by utilizing the blockchain, and take control of your financial life.

Betoken: Crowd-powered crypto-assets management protocol

Betoken is a decentralized hedge fund management protocol based on Ethererum and powered by open financial protocols like Kyber Network, MakerDao, Compound, and etc. No deposit fees, no minimum funds to start. 


After connecting your fund to Betoken, your fund will be converted into Betoken share tokens (your stake) that get direct exposure to 70+ major ERC-20 tokens. Hundreds of Betoken fund managers will actively manage your crypto portfolio and respond to even small changes in the market immediately — those managers will do all the work for you. Your funds are non-custodial and locked in smart contracts and you’re in control of your funds. Also, Betoken’s smart contracts are audited and secured by Solidified — your money is in safe hands.


Betoken uses an incentive meritocracy, so everyone will be able to apply and join Betoken as a fund manager and earn commissions from the contribution. 


Lannister: Encrypted personal wealth manager and financial planner

Lannister is a simple wealth manager and financial planner. By using Blockstack’s decentralized authentication and storage platform, Lannister is open-sourced, encrypted, and secure. It allows anyone to keep track and analyze the distribution of their holdings both in crypto and fiat (banks, deposits, savings, cash, and etc) in one place, and more importantly, no central server that could compromise your identity and financial data. 


You can find the Lannister app on the App Store and start adding your holding portfolios to the app. There’s a pie chart that helps you visualize all the holdings. And you can also categorize and highlight your portfolio.


Lannister now supports 12 fiat and 2 crypto (Bitcoin and Ether) currencies. We’re hoping to see more features like analyzing portfolios in Lannister. 

Paid: Sell anything and get paid everything with Bitcoin

Paid is a place that looks like Pinterest meets Amazon meets cryptocurrency. It lets you sell anything and pocket everything with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network. For content creators, artists, and makers, Paid would be a pretty cool DTC platform to expand your market to the next crypto-level. 


Simply log in with Blockstack ID, setup OpenNode (you will need it to accept Bitcoin payment), and you’re all set. You can sell any physical items like stickers, clothes… or digital products, such as music, artwork, printed materials, online courses, and more. Whatever you offer to people, you can either choose “delivers by URL” or “delivers by mail” — just like Amazon! 


Creators and makers get 100% of funds of transactions below the $25k threshold. If anything greater than 25k, it’s charged a 1% fee.


Predicto: Make predictions about future events to earn money

Are you up for playing guessing games and win some money? Now you can join Predicto to make a few predictions and earn Bitcoin! On Predicto, you can earn money when your predictions are correct and also with a higher personal score. 


Those prediction questions are varied and really fun, from major league soccer game to “will Elon Musk still be the CEO at Tesla at the end of 2019” — you would love to guess the future events. Also, there are more ways to boost your score and beat your competition. Completing simple tasks like login daily and share it with your friends on social media will help you earn more stars. 


Building on top of Blockstack, Predicto respects your identity and data.

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