World of Ether: Get Jazzed for Limited Egg Giveaway!

2019-02-22 08:05:46 · 7385 views · 3 min read

If you’ve been with for any amount of time you know we love collectible game and giveaway. Great news to community, the World of Ether team is giving away 10 LIMITED monster eggs! There are only less than 200 monsters on the marketplace in this mysterious world, and this could be the best opportunity for you to own one of the cool (or maybe a bit cute) monsters for FREE!


Join the giveaway campaign from February 22 to 26 and start your exploration!


How to Participate

From February 22nd to February 26th, 2019:


1. Like and retweet/share the event post and tag 2 friends;

2. Follow @WorldofEther on Twitter;

3. Comment your favorite TYPE of monster either below this page or under the event post.


We will randomly choose 10 winners on February 28th.


What’s special about your prize:

The limited eggs that we are giving out are really powerful compared to the eggs that are birthed by breeding in-game.

  • These eggs are more likely to contain rarer Etherians with enhanced battle powers than normal common breeds.

  • The Etherians that hatch from these eggs get one less breeding cooldown than normal Etherians so they can breed more.

  • Each holder of these eggs gets one crystal. These crystals are very rare in-game and have different powers. The best crystals can help win the $11,000 Life Legendary or $6,000 Sun Legendary discovery rewards.

Read the full game guide here.

What is World of Ether?

World of Ether is a decentralized collectible dueling game based on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is centered around the collection,fighting, and breeding of monsters called Etherians. By sending your Etherians to battle, you can gain levels to the max of 50. As the level increases, the player’s ability of breeding rare Etherians improves.

Etherians are broken into 4 grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. There are also 5 types:

Sun: Representing light, warmth, flying, and fire.

Ocean: Representing water, depth, and mystery.

Life: Representing fertility and vegetation.

Death: Representing demise, undoing, and finality.

Astral: Representing intelligence, psychic ability, and the metaphysical.



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