Working Smarter with Blockchain

2019-07-08 07:17:01 · 7159 views · 3 min read

Sometimes, we all get frustrated with lost files, forgotten passwords, and poor investments. The newest decentralized technology is leaving those days behind for good. Here are this week’s latest dapps will help you work smarter.


Envelop: Share files in an easy and safer way.


How many documents, files, and images are you sharing with your team every day? Yes, we are living in the “sharing” world that’s why we made “Dropbox” a verb — “I will dropbox you in a second.” But sharing files on the internet ain’t safe, you know that. Now we have a new way of sharing stuff without losing ownership — “Welcome to the age of apps that can’t be evil”. Envelop runs on Blockstack, and you can decide where your files are stored. Simply log in with your Blockstack ID, drag and drop the file that you want to upload, get a download link and share it. Easy, right? Also, your default storage is infinite! (Do we need to remember you that how much you pay for Dropbox every month?) One single file has a size limit of 25MB — still much larger than a regular email attachment. And not to mention, you set up your own storage.


Blockpen: A crypto wallet makes transferring cryptocurrencies easier than ever.


Blockpen allows you to easily deposit, receive, manage and send XLM (a token from Stella) and ETH among other tokens. With Blockpen wallet creation tool, you will be able to create an ETH wallet address or an XLM account while you’re signing up on the website. Then a dashboard will show you all the transactions history. For small business owners (e-commerce shops), Blockpen enterprise helps you to simply implement crypto payment on your online shop with a plug-in SDK. For end users, Blockpen is simple and easy to use and it doesn’t require to install any installation. 


BlockSurvey: Just like SurveyMonkey, but on the blockchain. 


BlockSurvey came out as an idea during a hackathon back in June. By leveraging Blockstack, BlockSurvey allows users to easily create polls and surveys and guarantees complete confidentiality. Users can be assured their answers won’t be revealed to creators. All relevant insights about the survey are confined strictly to the creators. This decentralized survey and poll creator guarantees the privacy of all users.

EZResize: A normal app with the added benefits of privacy, encryption, and ownership.


Remember photoshops? Or an online photo editor? Now you can use EZResize to resize your pictures now. Powered by Blockstack, this new dapp allows you not just simplified the way that online photo editor does, also you will be able to save your encrypted data to your hard drive or your own EZResize storage, and you will never ever worry about the photo editing and safety ever again!  


BlockPass: A tool to manage your password on the blockchain. 


Some of you have been living on 1Password for a very long time. 1P isn’t foolproof -- sometimes you just can’t remember the master key. We know it’s pain and honestly, we were hoping to use a password tool on the blockchain for a while. BlockPass is an EOS-based dapp that allows you to store your data directly on the EOS blockchain. BlockPass allows you to use your own private key so your data will never be lost. 

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