NFT Trading Volume Surpassed OpenSea. Will LooksRare be a New Threat to OpenSea?

2022-01-17 09:45:05 · 11152 views · 5 min read

Two days after $LOOKS airdrop, LooksRare 24h NFT trading volume surpassed OpenSea, ranked No.1 among ALL the NFTMarketplace! 


Traders or Volume? Which one is more crucial?

NFT Traders number - OpenSea WIN, 18x LooksRare
NFT Trading volume - LooksRare WIN, 3x OpenSea



Amazing Growth Trend of LooksRare

LooksRare reached daily NFT trading volume ATH at $546M on Jan 16, 2022. Compared to OpenSea, its daily NFT trading volume ATH is $284M on Aug 28, 2021.


What about $LOOKS? How is its Hodler Growth?

$LOOKS token holders number increased sharply to 21K ATH on Jan 11, 2022. $LOOKS token price reaches ATH on the following day, Jan 12, 2022. Price up 115.78% in the last 7 days.


The holders' amount drops a bit afterward. It indicates that some token holders have already sold out all their $LOOKS tokens. And the increase of new buyers number is slower.

$LOOKS continues to boost 18% today. But remember to monitor the holder/active address/transfer data signals





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