Why CryptoKitties is the Biggest Fad in Blockchain Gaming

2018-09-05 01:33:08 · 6084 views · 3 min read

If you have some knowledge about the blockchain, you must have heard of CryptoKitties. The influx of users at the end of 2017 even clogged the Ethereum blockchain and raised the question over the scalability of Ethereum. Now that the fad gradually cools down, with new trends, tokens, and dapps being hyped. But this game remains to be one of the favorites for all blockchain enthusiasts and has demonstrated a promising future of decentralized applications. 


Why CryptoKitties raised the biggest fad in crypto gaming? Recently, Dapp.com kicked off a CryptoKitties giveaway campaign in the Telegram group and raised the question. Let’s hear what the community says about this game:


Zhen Yau:

“I think that Cryptokitties is one of the more interesting ways for people to get to know and learn more about blockchain. It is not an easy feat for someone who has no background in tech to totally understand what is a blockchain. By playing Cryptokitties, I am able to make some pocket money and also gain a more in-depth understanding about blockchain.”


Cat Creators:

“It is well built, reliable, beautifully designed, and it offers a lot: the thrill of expectation when you breed your kitties and don't know what would you get, would it be a kill or a miss; the excitement you feel when you hunt for a kitty with exactly those traits you need, the joy of hitting a mutation or breeding an exceptionally rare or handsome cat... and that's just the tip of the iceberg, you know…”

“Stop holding tight on few rigid ideas, I think. That's what the society wants to force on us, a solid unbreakable cage of once and forever defined "truth" or "rules" and make us believe that it was the only way to be. So to decentralize would be to free from this cage.”

akash R:

“Cryptokitties and my love toward cats introduced me to Blockchain and many others, it started the revolution and encourage many projects to start and millions of others to join.

It's a great news and has so much scope in the future, with this it will surely evolve to the next step in coming months and bring more people to experience.”


Peter Bock:

“I do think that CryptoKitties will get a second wind with the capacity to buy fashionable items for them and such, given it'll make the different kitties much more unique.

But I still see it as having 2 main uses:

1. trading bots and lucky people can get profits from breeding cats

2. people who really like the "collect-em-all" aesthetic can go nuts trying to find the right criteria and parents to get the rarer cats.”


Pearly Ung:

“Regarding the CryptoKitties, I thought it was just a virtual toy, but I discovered it is actually a game to be played. When I saw the giveaways, the cats look absolutely adorable. The designers must be very creative to develop these cats and if each cat could have a story behind it, like where it was born, why it looks so grumpy, or lazy, or fat; it would make these cats more personal as there would be a personality behind every single kitty. Probably the game would be more interesting if the personalities of each kitty are incorporated into winning the game.”


Inder Redni:

“What fascinates me the most is how beautiful something can create an algorithm by choosing random elements and creating genetics. Yesterday I even saw that the first cats of their kind were created with wings or duck feet. I can not wait to discover what else their genes hide from us.”


Skipper Tan:

“The CryptoKitties are so adorable! I mean cats on the blockchain, who doesn’t like it?! The whole idea is so cool, I’ve started reading things about ERC 721 and I believe it will be huge in the next couple of months! I always want to have a fancy cat, especially the one looks like a bunny. I gotta earning cryptocurrency from this game... It's a fun way to get involved!”


ron ran:

“The crypto kitties is the very first dapp that I know.. it's sad that I am not fully aware at that time when the kitties were the first release and when I discovered it hesitated so much to buy one.. but as dapp grows the hesitation is turning into excitement! now I’m trying to get all the asset that I can:) this is amazing!!!”



“I think it's more than just a fun collectibles game. It's also a way to expose some serious scalability issues ETH has and gives the ETH team better insight into issues they need to address on their chain. Also, I love cats and would love to have a virtual pet along with my real buddy, Albus :)”



“More than playing to make money, I think the game can teach us how to use the blockchain in creative ways. I wonder if one can sell and buy as NFT things that have value in the real world, such as pieces of software or music or anything else.”


The CryptoKitties giveaway is still going on. By only joining Dapp.com Telegram group, you will enter a chance to win these adorable kitties! We will choose one lucky winner when every 30 new members join. Move fast! 



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