5 New Features—What’s New in the Dapp.com Latest Version

2019-03-12 00:43:28 · 984 views · 4 min read

“A new Spring and a new Homepage.”


We’re excited to announce that Dapp.com Version 2.3 has been rolled out over the weekend! As usual, Dapp.com has packed some handsome surprises for all dapp users and blockchain curiosities. In version 2.3, you will be able to see the latest high-quality and promising dapps right there on the homepage.


This big update includes:


1. Dapp Campaigns—Keeping Up with the Dapp World.


Are you a hardcore gamer that constantly looking for a new game to play OR a bounty hunter searching for airdrops? The brand new Dapp Campaign section will be the place for you to check out.


For dapp builders, if you have a new feature update, pre-sale, giveaway, or campaign launch, share it with us and we will be more than happy to list your update and share it with our community.



Data and Ranking—View Critical Data List to Choose Dapp Wisely.


2. Dapplists

Over the last few months, we got feedback from our community asking for more in-depth and eclectic statistics. Therefore, we create these clear ranking for comparing not only dapps on the same blockchain but also a mix of applications from different dapp ecosystems. Here comes Dapplists—now you can see the health and growth of unique dapp users, community, user, volume and etc. by month as well as by 24 hours all at a glance. 

3. Top 5 Ranked Dapps

Besides the Dapplists, we also provide a powerful new dashboard to showcase the 5 dapps with the highest Dapp.com Ranking scores. This section puts the spotlight on the best dapps by 4 mainstream blockchains—Ethereum, EOS, Steem, and Tron. If you are new to the crypto world and feel overwhelmed by the broad spectrum of applications, this section sorts out all the must-try dapps for you and helps you stay on the top of the dapp market.

                                                                                                                                   (Top 5 Ranked Ethereum Dapps)


                                                                                                                                         (Top 5 Ranked Steem Dapps)


4. Dappedia

We quietly launched the Dappedia a few weeks back and we think it’s time to make it public. It’s a list of handy resources for blockchain and dapps that we’ve curated just for you. We aim to create a one-stop blockchain-related resource center for not only people already in this industry but also the general public.


It is worth noting that, we intentionally made Dappedia as a “crowdsourced” site, after all, knowledge is infinite. So if you found something interesting—even it's from the blockchains that haven’t listed on our site, submit to us and we're excited to review and share your contribution with community members around the world!

5. Recent User Reviews

We always value your feedback, in fact, we enjoy so much reading some of the interesting and witty comments from our brilliant community. A good review makes a dapp shine. Therefore we’d like to highlight some community reviews on the front page.

We are here to help you demystify decentralized technology, helping, and inspiring developers and users to embrace this exciting new space with confidence. 


Until next time! 

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