What to Respond When People Criticize Bitcoin Because of Its Environmental Impact

2021-05-05 23:00:00 · 1809 views · 4 min read


We all know that in order to mine Bitcoin an enormous amount of energy is needed. You’ve probably heard or read somewhere that this cryptocurrency consumes “more energy than Argentina”. However, this is a big oversimplification of a complex problem. It doesn’t make sense to criticize the blockchain energy consumption out of context as if it worked in isolation, separate from other industries. It makes you wonder, what is the motivation of shinning the spotlight on Bitcoin mining? 



For those of us that believe in the possibilities that financial decentralization offers, we need to look at the bigger picture and understand all aspects that come into play around this issue. After all, the concept of financial decentralization doesn’t mean the same to a blue-collar worker trying to save their earnings from inflation in an unstable economic system than to a billionaire whose fortune depends on fiat currencies. 



To offer a new perspective, BitKong designed this infographic with key points detailing Bitcoin’s electricity consumption, where it mainly comes from, and its green future. Take a look at the greener side of this cryptocurrency and form your own opinion on this matter.




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