What Is ZKSwap and How to Use It?

2021-03-05 04:15:38 · 2024 views · 3 min read


Ethereum gas fee too high, is there any other choice to trade tokens?



You can try ZKSwap, a token swap protocol based on Automated Market Maker (AMM), built on Ethereum Layer 2 Ropsten testnet. Through ZK-Rollup technology, it realizes the full set of Uniswap functions on Layer 2 of the Ethereum network.

No gas fee is its greatest feature. Liquidity providers and users on Ethereum might be frightened by the high gas fee there. Not anymore here on Layer 2. No need to pay high gas fees will greatly reduce the threshold for use.



What’s more, ZKSwap is decentralized, so you have complete control of assets, as well as good privacy of your transactions.



How to connect your MetaMask wallet to Layer 2 and get test tokens?

  • Click connect wallet on ZKSwap app and make sure it’s Ropsten Test Network in the MetaMask interface.

  • After the wallet is successfully connected, the asset details will be displayed automatically.

  • Transfer tokens from the MetaMask wallet to the Layer 2 wallet (This will need gas fees): copy your Metamask Ropsten address and go to Ethereum Ropsten Test Token Faucet to get Ropsten ETH.

  • Go back to the ZKSwap app, click Faucet to the ZKSwap Faucet page and paste the MetaMask Ropsten address. Then you will receive test tokens like Dai, wBTC, BAT.

Now you can use your assets on Ethereum Layer 2!



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