What Is Upland and How to Play?

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Upland is a virtual property trading game based on EOS blockchain. Step into Upland, you’ll start a new experience that brings you to the next level of property game!



What Is Upland?


It allows you to hang out on the streets in San Francisco, based on real-world addresses, just like the one you might have passed yesterday!



You’ll have a roaming Explorer. Dropped randomly in San Francisco, it will discover available properties for you.



Fancy any property but can’t afford in the real world? Then buy it in the virtual world!


  • Be a “True Owner”

In Upland, you can easily be the "true owner" (thanks blockchain!) of land or buildings in San Francisco. Even your target is to own an airport, it can be done here in Upland! 


  • Earn Your Road Toll 

Unlike other normal projects that you can only earn benefit from land (NFT) trading, here in Upland, you can gain your earnings in UPX token, the in-game currency. Every time other users sending their explorers to your property, you collect UPX visit fee from them! It is a road toll business that you can just lay on the bed and earn while sleeping.



Another way to boost your earning is to collect properties in the same area or with similar features. Complete a Collection in game to get extra bonus UPX for all your properties in that collection!



Sounds like a good chance to be a crypto property mogul right?




How to Play?


1. After Sign-up, Choose Your Favorite Explorer

2. Get 6000 UPX Reward

Sign up in Upland from browser (web/mobile) through our special link  https://discover.upland.me/dappcom1 You will get 6,000 UPX after this step. Enough to own your 1st land immediately! 



3. Get Your Upland Visa Certified

4. Use Your Explorer to Explore Available Lands

5. Choose and Purchase Your lands, Mint It on the Blockchain

With 6000 UPX, you can afford 2 lands!


6. Set Visit Fee for Your Lands

Now you can start to earn UPX! Have fun trying other functions in the game. The more you explore and play, the more possible you are to win!




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