What Is Unique.One BSC and How to Create NFT?

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Unique.One is a multichain, decentralized, collection of NFT art marketplace. Unique.One insists that an open and decentralized art marketplace platform belong to the art community alone — not the project founders. 

Governed by its community DAO, Unique.One does not charge Artists for creating work but rewards them instead. It only charges all buyers a low fee of 2% which is redistributed to the community.



So as an NFT artist, how to create your own NFT collectibles on Unique.One?



Step 1: Connect your wallet to create unique digital artworks on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokenize your work by creating one Unique artwork or limited-edition copies.



Step 2: Upload your art and create a Single unique collectible or Multiple collectible items. There is no limit to the number of collectibles you can create.



Step 3: Display your gallery. Price your items for sale and add any additional unlockable content you would like to offer to buyers of your NFT artwork. Share your uniqueness with the community.



Or you can buy digital art in the Unique.One marketplace as an NFT collector.

It also has 2 special “mining” features, backed by $RARE, the governance token of the platform:



  • Creation Mining

Unique.One will reward creators for publishing their artworks on the platform. 10% of our $RARE token supply are reserved for creators.



  • Usage Mining

Users (Creators and Collectors) of the platform will be incentivised with $RARE tokens on the basis of transaction count + volume.

From the dashboard, you can find that in the long term, the $RARE token price is highly correlated with Unique.One’s users, volume and transactions. When the on-chain data dropped, the $RARE token price followed to slide. You might notice that Unique.One’s on-chain performance started to bounce back since mid-July. Will there be a rise in the $RARE price as well?




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