Meet STAMPSDAQ: Collect, Play and Earn Crypto Stamp-Art NFTs!

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                                                                         An Exclusive NFT Collection

The STAMPSDAQ is a fully-scaled NFT Philately and Art metaverse, where blockchain, collecting, trading, gaming, and rewards come together. In contrast to many other Play-to-Earn NFT projects, it will offer an authentic trading experience and a common systemic reward structure for the global NFT collecting community. STAMPSDAQ has the goal to unite all global postal administrations and many public museums and artists on one, common, most entertaining, and rewarding ecosystem for collectors of such traditional style collectibles like NFT stamps and artworks. 


The good news is that on December 8th, STAMPSDAQ is starting the pre-token NFT funding campaign. The limited stamp-art NFT collection “The Game of Shape and Color” is waiting for everyone who wants to support the project on the OpenSea marketplace.


What is the “The Game of Shape and Color”?

The Game of Shape and Color might help you to become a philatelic Columb of the digital era! It is a limited stamp-art NFT collection that consists of 1000 NFT stamp-art pieces divided into 5 rarity tiers: burgundy, teal blue, copper, inox, and gold. Each NFT has its own unique color and pattern. Choose your own stamp-art NFTs at the OpenSea from 1 thousand exclusive pieces and claim 1000 $STAMP staking tokens per each NFT owned when STAMPSDAQ goes live in 2022.



“We are going to officially launch the marketplace in Q1 2022. When you support our project now, you will participate in the public draw among the owners of the original 1000 NFTs collection and win one of the 10 Diamond NFTs. These NFTs open the door to the First NFT Trivia game with an open-end scalable reward pool formula,” says Andrii Shapovalov, CEO of STAMSPDAQ



With STAMPSDAQ the possibilities are never-ending 


STAMPSDAQ wants to bring to the market much more entertaining possibilities for collectors of NFT stamps and artworks than just collecting and trading. And, at the same time, it will give a chance to make money from the collections. To be more precise, at launch, it is going to offer four Play-to-Earn possibilities, three types of contests, and an NFT trivia game. The Collector Contest will pay on a regular basis to the top 200 collectors based on the league. The eligibility of the league will be based on your collection score. And the collection score is basically a sum of the collection points which are assigned to each NFT based on their rarity tier. So eventually, if your collection score is high enough, you'll get money into your account based on the open formula. 


“Our vision is to build an ecosystem promoting fair and transparent revenue sharing and maintain engagement through a reward structure. This largely centers on a Play-to-Earn model, in which smart contracts automatically allocate 20% of primary sales revenue and 20% of transaction fees into a global reward pool that users compete for via a variety of games and contests,” Andrii Shapovalov says.



Crypto-philately: a new chapter in NFT culture 


STAMPSDAQ is a perfect solution for millions of traditional postage stamp collectors to utilize their philatelic and fine art knowledge by embarking on this new development in the crypto-world. The long-term goal of the project is to transform 1,000,000 motifs of already issued postage stamps into several curated digital art versions (NFTs), with their own unique digital design elements, and different levels of scarcity.

The blockchain environment of STAMPSDAQ also creates much bigger opportunities for active traders/dealers and investors, with substantially lower logistic and payment transaction costs than is possible on auction internet platforms, such as eBay, etc. And most importantly, the value proposition of crypto-philately on STAMPSDAQ allows for the potential for any crypto-stamp owner to gain valuable monetary and non-monetary rewards when they participate in regular contests, challenges, and games.


All crypto-art NFTs minted on STAMPSDAQ will be Limited Editions. Backed by blockchain technology, key elements of any collectable product, such as scarcity, ownership and price will be completely visible and traceable. 


Do not hesitate! Join the metaverse of STAMPSDAQ now. Discover an exclusive stamp-art NFT collection. The campaign is live on OpenSea.

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