What Is Sorare and How to Play?

2021-03-12 02:37:52 · 1190 views · 4 min read


Would you like to become a team manager in the blockchain game Sorare?



Sorare is a global fantasy football game where players can scout, collect, and then compose their teams for competitions every weekend. 



They now have 76 clubs officially licensed, including Juventus, Atletico Madrid, SSC Napoli, Schalke 04, Olympique Lyonnais… You can even go far to Asia and select football players in the Korean League now. All the cards are crypto collectibles that can be traded.



Firstly, buy card collectibles that represent football players, and come up with a 5-card team with your choice of formation.



Based on your player's real-life performances, you will have a total team score. If you are a skilful manager and get a good team score, you’ll rank high in the global ranking. And that means you have the ability to earn money by simply playing the game.



It’s like an easier version of the FIFA game on the blockchain.



With fantastic football players all over the world to choose from, collect limited edition digital collectibles, manage your team, and earn prizes in Sorare!



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