What Is Solo.top?

2021-07-04 20:00:00 · 1475 views · 3 min read


Solo.top is a single-asset mining aggregator without impermanent loss.

The platform features a set of easy-to-use DeFi tools, whose growth on both sum and rate of total value locked stands out from the harshly competitive market.

Solo.top’s single asset mining pools currently support WBTC, WETH, WMATIC, QUICK, USDT, USDC and DAI on Polygon Network, offering up to 3547.56% APR.



The platform charges no fee at user crypto-asset deposit or withdrawal, and users can withdraw, deposit and return any time. 



Since the protocol’s Polygon branch went live in June, the users, volume, and transactions have dramatically increased.

As the data dashboard shows, Solo.top’s volume has just broken ATH on 29th Jun over $598M. 




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