What Is Sablier Finance?

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Sablier Finance defines itself as real-time finance, a term that emphasizes the wide-ranging use cases for the Sablier protocol. It also creates a new term “money streaming”, just like you stream movies or TV shows on Netflix.

The daily volume of Sablier Protocol on 25th Jan surged to $83.82M.



How does its money streaming work?

You can access Sablier Finance through 2 web interfaces: The pay.sablier.finance interface is for streaming money; the app.sablier.finance for withdrawing the streamed money.



You’ll need an Ethereum wallet, some ETH and an ERC-20 token like DAI to create the money streaming. You have full control over the start time - a unix timestamp measured in seconds. The Ethereum transaction that creates the stream must be processed by the blockchain before this start time.

Dividing the lock-up value by the difference between the stop time and the start time gives a payment rate per second. Sablier uses this rate to transfer a little bit of money from the sender to the recipient once every second. The money is all held in Sablier’s smart contracts.



As the money is being streamed at the smart contract level, you can consider Sablier as your real-time wallet for digital currency. To make withdrawals, you can either call the contract directly on a blockchain explorer or use a web interface, the app.sablier.finance we mentioned above.




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