Earn Crypto by Trying out Cool New Products on Reviewhunt

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If you enjoy trying out new products like dapps, games and tech gadgets and love sharing them with your friends or community members, you may be considered an “early-adopter”. Tech makers are eager to work with early-adopters because they can help raise attention for their products. PMF’s (Product-Market Fit) are usually developed based on how early-adopters use the product, but it’s time-consuming and cost-ineffective to approach early adopters directly. So, the team from Steemhunt has created a place where product makers can easily find early adopters and you can reap the benefits.

What is Reviewhunt?

Buit by SteemhuntReviewhunt creates a marketing hub for product makers that can build comprehensive early-users through serial quest missions, so that tech makers can easily build strong early user ground and community exposure.


As an early-adopter, you can try out early tech products by following the quest missions tied to the product's core features and main buzz channels. In return, you can earn HUNT crypto tokens (currently ERC-20 based token but plan to transit to the Luniverse chain).


Serial quest missions

Makers can run a campaign that contains a series of quest missions. The quest can be something that the maker wants you to experience among its core features. It can also be an app review write-up or creating buzz content about the product via your social channel.

Each quest has a different set reward decided by the maker, and you can earn the reward once you successfully complete the quest. The reward of quests that require you to create buzz content (called ‘buzz quest’) may vary based on your influencer level of the social channel you register.

You will earn HUNT rewards by participating in the quest missions of each campaign. In each quest, it is required for you to submit a link or screenshot that proves you have successfully completed the quest mission. Once your proof submission is approved by moderators, you will be able to earn HUNT rewards in return, sounds like a good deal, right?

The HUNT rewards you earn go to your HUNT internal wallet. HUNT is an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency at the moment (but it is going to be transferred into a Luniverse based main token in Q4 2019), so you can connect your external Ethereum wallet via the MetaMask, and transfer to Daybit exchange to trade with BTC.


Referral Program

Reviewhunt runs an interesting referral program for Hunters and product makers. Go to the Referral tab on your profile page, you can see your referral link. When you attract new hunters from your referral link, you will constantly get 5% of the earned HUNT rewards that your referred friend has earned from his/her buzz content submissions. When you introduce Reviewhunt to potential product makers via your referral link, you will also get 5% HUNT rewards of the maker’s campaign budget.


Monetize by your passion for new products

Reviewhunt turns your passion about new products and buzz creation into a financial reward by running fun quest missions. There’s a ton of tech makers out there who are waiting for some quality early users like you!


If you'd love to know more about Reviewhunt, please head over to their website here


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