PocMon: BSC’s Freshest Meme-based Decentralized Community Project

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Many cryptocurrencies have been taken either too seriously or brushed off by different people. However, barely any crypto projects have made an effort to bring users something they love or want to be associated with, and PocMon is changing that. PocMon ($PMON) is crypto’s latest platform that aims to be the leading gaming NFT ecosystem. The project that went live in May 2021 is inspired by Pocket Monsters and pays homage to the characters you and I love so much. Its entire ecosystem theme is based on these lovely characters, as sure does its name!



What’s More About the Project?


$PMON tokenomics, known as Pokenomics, cap the total supply of the token at 1 quadrillion $PMON. The token deploys a three-point deflationary mechanism that involves Automatic LP acquisition, Reflection, and Burn. From the 10% transaction fees, 5% is rewarded to $PMON holders in form of Reflection or static reward. Of the remaining 5% from the transaction fees, 2.5% is traded for BNB and paired with the remaining 2.5% in $PMON – a process known as automatic liquidity pool acquisition. To further deflate $PMON’s supply, more than 500 trillion tokens have been sent to the burn address. 



As a deflationary token, $PMON’s holders will have their tokens’ value increasing since supply is limited with increasing demand for more. The token is setting out to be a top coin for a top project that PocMon is.



PocMon is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain that can execute smart contracts and run decentralized applications. The project’s decision for building on BSC brings with it numerous advantages. Most notably, BSC features ultra-low transaction costs compared to the exorbitant and highly volatile fees on the Ethereum network. This feature makes operations on BSC more efficient and incentivizes developers to improve products while users can affordably transact on the platform.



PocMon highly prioritizes its community. The project has taken steps to ensure that its community is secured against vulnerabilities that may arise in the blockchain network. For instance, the project undertook an independent audit by Fight Against Rugs on May 7, 2021, to ensure that it was safe and secure for the community. The independent audit is critical for ensuring that smart contracts have no bugs or exposures that threat actors may exploit to take the project down. Also, the audit helps flag suspicious transactions. PocMon successfully passed the audit giving a nod to the community to join with no worries.



PocMon proactively engages its community across various social forums. Through its official Twitter page, PocMon makes announcements to the community regarding major milestones achieved, progresses made, and sharing light moments with the community. This engagement is especially important in developing trust with PocMon Trainers, in a scam-ridden and highly unregulated industry. Despite launching recently, PocMon’s forums on Telegram and Reddit have nearly 10,000 members.




NFT Overview: Becoming the Top Gaming NFT Platform


Some of the top prized digital assets are in the gaming industry. Gamers are dedicated to their task to get the rarest or priciest in-game asset to show their prowess in their game. NFTs present numerous advantages for the gaming industry including, helping games secure value, trade, or transfer these unique tokens directly to collectors. 



PocMon’s ecosystem is expansive and wants to open up and simplify the blockchain gaming platform. Upon finalization of the planned rollouts, the platform will surely be headed for the top spot in blockchain gaming non-fungible tokens, or NFTs as they are widely known today. 



PocMon’s flagship project is in the gaming NFTs ecosystem. The ecosystem will comprise PocMon’s NFT Trading Card Game, BSC Blockchain Games NFT Store, and a Game Currencies Exchange known as PocGameSwap. Two other projects in the PocMon evolution are PocDEX and Community Development. Here is a description of what to expect from each of these projects:



PocDEX: This is PocMon’s development area that will oversee the implementation of PocMon’s decentralized operations like the MarketPlace, Auctions, and PocMon LootBalls. 



The PocMon LootBalls are authentic collections of NFTs that come in three types: NFT Art LootBalls, NFT Game LootBalls, and Coin LootBalls. PocMon trainers can create their unique LootBalls and put them up for sale on the MarketPlace. The trainers are also allowed to open existing LootBalls. These LootBalls enhance engagement on the platform while also advancing partnerships. The rarity of each NFT and its winning probability are set by the LootBall issuer. 


NFT Gaming Ecosystem: Blockchain gaming has risen in popularity given the features that the technology brings like, high scalability, guaranteed 24/7 uptime without servers, the real ownership of assets, and easy game development. 



PocMon’s NFT Gaming Ecosystem features an NFT Trading Card Game designed for the lovers of Pocket Monsters. The game’s Pocket Monsters theme is created to attract many fans of the adorable characters to the PocMon platform. 



PocMon takes decentralization seriously. Its BSC-powered Blockchain Games Store is designed to enable peer-to-peer in-game asset transfers. This direct asset transfer gives power to the platform users and eliminates additional costs that would be imposed by intermediaries. PocMon also aims to partner with gaming companies that would like to distribute their rare collectibles via the BCS Blockchain Game Store.



Capping the NFT Gaming Ecosystem is the PocGameSwap – a game currencies exchange. Blockchain games have exploded and not many gamers will stick to playing only one game. With changing tastes and preferences, gamers will switch from one game to the other. PocGameSwap will offer gamers the convenience of shifting from one game currency to another to seamlessly jump from one game to the other.



Community Development: PocMon’s community-first approach aims to make the project one that focuses on improving the lives of community members beyond its ecosystem. The project believes in empowering its community to become contributors and leaders in making the project even better. 



One community development program by PocMon is its Charity campaigns. These will be conducted in partnership with leading brands through auctioning charity-based NFTs. 



PocMon will run a Merch Store to empower integration and common goals among PocMon Trainers to advance its community further. The merch will also be inspired by the adorable Pocket Monster characters.



To incentivize its community, PocMon will launch the PocMon Mobile Game. The game will connect to a $PMON wallet to allow participants to receive in-game rewards and make purchases fast. 




The Current State of PocMon


Although it is barely weeks after going live, PocMon is making big moves. The project has listed its native token $PMON on both Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. Committed to offering value and trust to its community, the project has so far, ensured it remains transparent in all its operations. 



In the latest list of top gainers by BKEX crypto exchange, $PMON claimed another milestone by ranking as the highest gainer among cryptocurrencies.



With current crypto markets on a dip, launching $PMON may be considered by some as bad timing. However, the coin is showing resilience through the slumping markets and its community has been no different. 

PocMon also leverages the meteoric adoption of BSC making its project accessible to millions of developers and users joining BSC. As part of the Binance ecosystem, BSC has grown immensely due to the global dominance of Binance Exchange. Therefore, BSC opens PocMon to the global crypto ecosystem quite rapidly.




Into the Future


PocMon has laid out its four-phase project roadmap to be rolled out in four quarters. Currently, under Q1 or Phase 0, almost all milestones for the project are complete. The next quarter (Phase 1) will see PocMon release the NFT Game Cards, PocMon Merch, and embrace Chinese, Japanese and Korean localization. Phase 2 will have the launch of NFT MarketPlace, Blockchain Games NFT Store, and PocMon LootBalls. In the final phase, PocMon will release PocGameSwap and PocMon Mobile Game before embarking on a strategic marketing campaign with partnerships. 



Upcoming BigONE CEX Listing


Most importantly, $PMON is going big and is set to list on the BigONE exchange soon. $PMON will be the first BSC token to list on BigONE CEX and this just the beginning for this project.



BigONE ranks 22nd among cryptocurrency exchanges with a daily trading volume of over $1.6 billion, 157 markets, and over 100 coins. $PMON’s listing will expand access to the coin and the project even further. 





In just one week, PocMon has made major announcements for the future of the project. Here are some milestones and upcoming events on PocMon:


  1. $PMON has ranked #664 on CoinGecko with a market cap of over $26.2 million. With the steady adoption and activities around PocMon, the project will rise rapidly through these ranks in the short term. 
  2. Another crypto exchange listing is coming soon for $PMON on the XT Exchange.


The project’s community is growing fast and solid. The latest announcements and milestones set an upward trajectory for the project as they demonstrate the authenticity and stability of PocMon’s project. Its token, $PMON has had a steady surge in value since its launch. 



PocMon’s mission to bring people the crypto they love stays on course with the project’s dedication to serving the community rather than profits. Even then, the project offers immense value to the PocMon Trainers and other participants in the project.




Fancy Getting Started on PocMon?


You can start trading $PMON via PancakeSwap here. Also, learn more about the project by visiting their website or reading their LitePaper. Connect with fellow PocMon enthusiasts on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram




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