Partisia Blockchain: Web 3.0 Blockchain built with MPC For Privacy Focused Applications

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Partisia Blockchain is a web 3.0 innovation that utilizes multiparty computation (MPC) for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed of light finalization. The inspiration behind Partisia Blockchain was the need for better privacy and confidentiality in the blockchain ecosystem. The platform overcomes the current market limitations experienced by protocols such as Ethereum, Chainlink, and Bitcoin through unifying MPC and blockchain technologies.


Partisia Blockchain is developed by a founding team of subject matter experts that’ve been working together for over 15 years on solving secure multiparty computation. In stealth, a team of 28 developers have been working on Partisia Blockchain for the past three years. Currently, almost 100 applications are being developed on the Partisia Blockchain testnet. The founding team of PhD academics has published over 1,000 research papers before the recent release of the 60 page Partisia Blockchain Whitepaper.




Partisia Blockchain Has Consistently Evolved


Ever since its inception, Partisia Blockchain has worked to ensure effective and efficient service delivery through its platform. Part of effective service delivery is securing the right funding. So far, Partisia has raised over $3.5 million through various sources. Its initial funding drive was through the tier 1 token sale that saw the team raise $2.6 million to support their operations and development goals.



Other funding sources include international bodies such as the European Union, which Partisia won through their partnership with Better Internet Search. The aim of their partnership is to provide a better search engine experience for internet users.




Introducing MPC Token

Partisia Blockchain is currently partnering with strategic contributors, developers, and node operators in the private MPC token sale before the launch of public mainnet in July. MPC tokens allow contributors to participate in various capacities within the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem. Ecosystem partners can choose to either participate as a node, providing power to the community, or as a community member participating in the community economy. An elaborate guide on participation in the tier 2 sale is given on their medium page. Given the interest it is generating, Partisia Blockchain may have another successful round of funding to help with its development goals.



Future Developments


The Partisia Blockchain testnet is live and the results are quite encouraging so far. In fact, they are so encouraging we cannot help but wait for the mainnet to go live. Once the mainnet is live, here are a few things to expect from the platform:

  • Cross-chain DeFi allowing you to operate DeFi across chains.

  • BTC swapping across chains.

  • Personal and private solutions in various fields including healthcare, advertising, and internet search.

  • Confidential whistleblower solutions.

  • Confidential use of credentials across numerous services.

As it stands, there seem to be endless possibilities in terms of potential applications for the project. So far, there are already 76 applications in development for the Partisia blockchain ecosystem that will help the platform achieve its desired goals.




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