MaMo Experiment: The One-Of-A-Kind NFT Project

2021-09-03 02:03:20 · 2229 views · 5 min read


There’s no doubt that Non-Fungible Tokens are the most popular trend in the crypto community right now. From celebrities to respected companies, everyone is talking about launching their own NFTs.

Let’s have a look at the MaMo Experiment!


MaMo Experiment has developed proprietary AI-algorithms connecting every artist’s profile art into various components. The software randomly selects the components that will be used to generate a unique, 1/1 NFT made from up to different parts from each artist’s profile drawing. Sounds like a GIGANTIC puzzle? Well, as the cliche goes, “Even the hardest puzzles have a solution!”


So what should you expect in the Phase 1 of MaMo?


Phase 1 of MaMo will be having 3 stages: Happy-Go-Lucky, Puzzle Beater and MaMo Hub. Let’s take a look at these 3 stages!


The Happy-Go-Lucky is a reward mechanism. It is used to reward the last buyer from DEX (Decentralized Exchange) at every end of the reward countdown period. There will be a countdown of 10 minutes for every purchase period, this is why timing is always the key here. Purchasing at the right timing may get you more rewards. Also, part of the rewards will be allocated into the liquidity pool, so you can earn more by staking.


Now, let’s move on to Puzzle Beater. Yes, it sounds like Buzzer Beater in the NBA and they both somehow carry the same meaning and purpose. The Puzzle Beater is a NFT Gaming Mechanism. This is how the game works: Users spend a number of MaMo to open a NFT jigsaw puzzle on a random basis that enables participation in puzzle games to obtain puzzle mining reward and Davi token. Each puzzle is segregated by different amounts of token mining according to the puzzle difficulty level.


Last but not least, we do know that the Marketplace is one of the core of NFT. No worries, there’s MaMo Hub for us as well. Users who own any NFT jigsaw puzzle can trade freely in MaMo Hub. In short, it is an online marketplace for users to communicate and trade for what they want in order to compete to complete the puzzle. After each trade, the ownership of any NFT jigsaw puzzle will be transferred along with the trading of NFT. This includes the keywords, Davi Token, as well as the mining power.

We are now running our Phase 1 of Public Sale. Here’s an opportunity for you to earn above 1000% of profit. Miss it now or regret it. The minimum purchase is only 100 BUSD/1000USDT for the Phase 1 of the Public Sale. You will never meet a NFT Project with such gamification!


Meanwhile, the Airdrop 3.0 of MaMo will be running together with the Phase 1 of Public Sale too! In short, you can grab more of MaMo while available! Quickly head to our DApp at now!


Don’t want to miss out on the excitement? Stay tuned to our Official Website, Medium or other social media for the latest updates. Fight to be our Puzzle Beater! Our Public Sale will be launched soon!


If you have any other questions, please do contact Mamo Experiment team at:

Email: [email protected]


Visit us at other platforms for more info:





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