What Is Kool Bar?

2021-03-19 02:00:00 · 1412 views · 3 min read


Would you like a glass of cocktail to celebrate the coming of 2021? Get one for yourself at Kool Bar!

The Kool Bar includes NFT flavors of different rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Super Rare. Flavors are seasonal. For example, in season 1 you can have Green Apple Pump, Red Cherry Dump, Bitcoin Orange, Grapes of ETH, Banana Fomo, and more special edition NFTs. 

You can even mix them to get rare ones.



Similar to Doki Doki, the Kool Bar is also an NFT+DeFi project, powered by 2 tokens: $KOOL and $AID. $KOOL is the main token with the fixed supply tradable on Uniswap, while $AID is a supplementary inflationary token that can be farmed by staking KOOL and KOOL/ETH LP tokens. 



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