Stake INSTAR, Earn Liquidity Mining Rewards on Uniswap and Share 6,000,000 INSTAR Tokens

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The INSTAR Liquidity Mining Rewards Program is live on Uniswap, rewarding liquidity providers for the INSTAR/WBTC and INSTAR/ETH pairs with 6,000,000 INSTAR tokens up for grabs between February 17 - March 31st.



What is Insights Network and $INSTAR?


Insights Network is a blockchain-powered market research platform that runs on top of INSTAR Blockchain. The top application powered by INSTAR is a new social data exchange with over 200,000 verified members. Instars has been in beta and is now a feature-complete, decentralized social networking platform, with built-in ad targeting, survey targeting, polls, verified blockchain wallet accounts, and decentralized login management. 



With the growing user base on with over 200k+ verified participants from 166 countries, the need for greater liquidity is clear. Instar Data Providers earn INSTAR tokens for participation in consensual data exchange. INSTAR Data Requesters can use INSTAR tokens to fuel targeted surveys and ads that reward participants and much more:



How It Works

  • Step 1: Ensure you have INSTAR and WBTC or ETH tokens ready on your ERC20 wallet. You can buy INSTAR on Bittrex Global, Bibox, and Uniswap.

  • Step 2: Add liquidity in the INSTAR/WBTC or INSTAR/ETH pools on Uniswap. (Official addresses below)

  • You will receive UNI-V2 tokens in your Ethereum wallet for the liquidity you just provided. These tokens represent the quantity of INSTAR and WBTC or ETH you have contributed to the pool. You can at any moment get back your INSTAR and WBTC or ETH by going to the same page.

  • Now, go to and enter the amount you want to stake. That’s it you are eligible for your share of INSTAR rewards!


By incentivizing liquidity providers who hold assets on Ethereum main net with rewards, Instar aims to increase INSTAR/WBTC and INSTAR/ETH liquidity on Uniswap allowing users to enter and exit larger positions in INSTAR without significant price movement or slippage.



In addition to the 0.3% trading fee commissions earned via Uniswap, INSTAR LPs will also earn their share of the 6,000,000 INSTAR tokens, distributed proportionally based on how much is contributed to the pool.










Official token contract of INSTAR (ERC-20)




It is very important to only interact with the Uniswap Pool links above and the INSTAR (ERC-20) Contract.



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