What Is Griffin Art? GameFi & NFT Meet with Griffin!

2021-08-17 02:00:00 · 2475 views · 4 min read


GriffinArt will be a next-generation, decentralized and the newest major NFT marketplace and a GameFi project (around mythological creatures) that powered by a transparent, strong, reliable and hyper-deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain: $GART





On the Griffin Art Platform, they are building a Universal ground for various types of different talented artists who can showcase their talent and thus also bridging the gap between Mainstream and niche digital artists. To do so, they will offer to their users (creators, collectors, traders) a sleek, easy user interface, state of the art, decentralized, creator centric, cost-efficient, dimensional supported and De-Fi powered universal marketplace.



Their market entry strategies include launching an NFT marketplace that allows NFT generation and a governance token ($GART) for the Griffin Art community. Griffin Art will be an all-inclusive NFT marketplace, harnessing the potential of Binance Smart Chain to accessibility, NFT sharing, creation and ownership.



On the other hand, this NFT marketplace will also showcase some NFT items that are related to their Griffin games. Marketplace and games will run together in an integrated format. 

Griffin Art will also create popular types of mobile games that are integrated with the $GART token and the NFT Marketplace; allowing players to play, trade, use NFT items and earn tokens inside the game. Only $GART holders will be able to access the games. They will be able to earn $GART with competitive gaming. “Griffin Land” will be the first game on the Griffin Art platform.



$GART Features:

-It has a buyback function that automatically takes %7 of all the transactions, makes a buyback with that amount and burns all the tokens it gets. So there won’t be two sells in a row ever, after every sells there will be a buy in the board. Circulation supply will always decrease with a price increase. Also, bots cannot abuse this buyback mechanism, some parts of the function have been upgraded in order to make it invulnerable.



-It has a redistribution function that takes %2 of all the transactions’ token amount and proportionately distributes them to the holders. So the amount of tokens that a holder has is always increasing with every transaction.



-Also there are %2 marketing fees.



Website: https://griffinart.finance


Twitter: https://twitter.com/GriffinNFTArt


Telegram: https://t.me/griffinart




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