What Is Flashift and How to Swap Tokens?

2021-07-15 23:30:20 · 907 views · 3 min read


Where to exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate? You can do instant swapping with Flashift



It finds the best rate in one click. It’s a multiplatform aggregator application for instant exchange deals by searching, sorting and showcasing the best rates. All you need to do is to choose an exchange from the list of well-known and high performance based on the exchange rate and your favourite. 



There is no maximum exchange amount. You can exchange whatever amount you want 24/7. 



How to swap? Only 4 easy steps.


  • Step 1 Choose the pair & select rate

First, choose the token swap pair you want to exchange. You’ll see a list of exchange rates.



There are two cryptocurrency exchange flows: fixed and floating rates. If you choose fixed rates, your order would have been created with no change in the final amount which you receive conversely if you choose floating rates, the final amount would vary depending on market exchange rates.



  • Step 2 Enter address

Enter your address for receiving the swapped tokens.



  • Step 3 Confirm

Confirm all the information again, and click “Exchange” to create the order.



  • Step 4 Finalize & receive

Follow the instructions and send the amount of cryptocurrency you’d like to swap to the designated address. Then just wait for the swapped tokens to flow into your own address.




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