What Is Ethermon and How to Play?

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Have you ever played Pokemon? Then you must try Ethermon. They are alike in some perspectives. The biggest difference is that, Ethermon is a blockchain game based on Ethereum network.

Each Ethermon is a non-fungible token (NFT), which means you truly own the monsters in your wallet, recorded on Ethereum. When you raise your Ethermon to a certain level, some will be able to transform with the help of their ancestors, while others gain the ability to lay eggs by spending a lot of their EXP in the process. These eggs will hatch into Ethermons of the same kind.



Then how would you raise and play with your Ethermons?



You can either catch your first and original ethermon or look for a trained ethermon from the marketplace. Ethermons are limited in distribution, and it’s only a matter of time before an entire generation of ethermon will no longer be catchable.



Train and Battle:

There are both practice and ranking modes. Your Ethermon will grow stronger after training and practice. And your tactics will come into use when you have multiple different mons available to team up.



In ranking modes, you can form your team and submit it to fight with any other similarly ranked player. Winning battles in ranked mode will help you accomplish daily quests, and ultimately reward you with the currency in Ethermon world called EMONT, an ERC20 token. From time to time there will also be tournaments with prizes.




With EMONT, you can send your Ethermons on adventures for a chance. In the Ethermon world, there are wonderful locations called adventure sites where your Ethermons can travel to. Try sending your ethermon on an adventure to see if your Ethermon can find new and exclusive Ethermons or game items. Where you go and what you get is randomly determined.



Any items or Ethermon you find can either be used in-game or sold on OpenSea. So you are able to earn from the game. 



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