What Is Dopple Finance and How to Earn?

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How to swap your stablecoins at the best rate on Binance Smart Chain?



Dopple Finance uses an algorithm that is designed for swapping stablecoins in the most efficient way. What’s more, the transaction fees are 4x lower than on PancakeSwap.


  • Swap

Dopple Finance currently supports the following stablecoins: DAI, BUSD, USDT, USDC, UST, DOLLY, BTCB and renBTC


  • Deposit (Provide Liquidity)

You can also become a liquidity provider for Dopple Finance. LPs earn trading fees in stablecoins by supplying funds to the underlying liquidity pools. You will also be rewarded with Dopple’s DOP tokens in addition by farming LP tokens or by staking DOP.

There are in total 5 pools: DOP LPs, 2 Pools LPs, UST LPs, DOLLY LPs and BTC LPs. The highest APY is 1861% for the BTC LPs.


  • Mint

Among the supported stablecoins, DOLLY is a USD pegged stablecoin issued by Dopple Finance. 

You can mint it with BUSD or USDT.


  • Yield Farming & Staking

Want to earn more DOP tokens? Stake your LP tokens.


Want to trade or invest in DOP tokens? Check the Dopple Finance’s data dashboard to get your price analytics.

The unique trader amount, dex trading volume and trade count first increased to ATH in May and June, then started to drop sharply at the end of June. 




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