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With so many communication tools out there, email is still the one that rules our work life as well as personal life. But do you ever feel like someone is watching you when you just attached a secret to the email and you’re about sending it to your friends? And do you feel annoyed by those random ads “Open ASAP, you’ve been selected to access exclusive deal” that pops up in your inbox? Also, not to mention the email data breach, you’re worried about that, too. You’re not alone. Dmails is here to help you take back control and you will love and enjoy emailing again. 


Introducing Dmails

Built on top of Blockstack, Dmails is a decentralized privacy-focused email service. Dmails respects your privacy and provides a worry-free email experience for you. All your data, such as personal information, emails, attachments, and the contract list is own and controlled by you, and you’re the only one that has the key and can access it. Thus no more email data breach and no more spams flood your inbox without your consent. 


Here’s how it works: With a Dmails ID or a Blockstack ID, you can send emails directly to your contact — you know exactly who you’re communicating with. Your data is encrypted and stored on Blocstack Gaia decentralized storage. 


Why You Should Switch from Gmail to Dmails

1. Privacy and security

With Dmails, your emails belong to your identity — your Blockstack ID. So no one else but you can access your emails, and spams will not bother you anymore. 


You will have your own D-Drives, which is the storage that saves your files and images. Also, you get to collect invoices from others via Lighting Network on Dmails.


2. Easy to use, for free

Just like any other email provider, your grandparents will be easy to figure out how to use Dmails in no time. The best part, it’s completely free! 


3. Personal use and also for business

Not just built for personal use, Dmails also helps the company secure its internal communications through a unique decentralized identity system.


Here is a little comparison of Dmails and other major email providers, like Gmail and Protonmail: 


"Email providers control and own your data and can sell it to the highest bidder or stop the service as a whole if it suits their business needs. We built Dmails to solve this by providing a decentralized email service that doesn’t allow anyone to access or control your data." — Abdou, Founder and CEO at Dmails


Beginner’s Guide for Dmails 

You can use your Blockstack ID to start using Dmails. If you don’t have one yet, check out the guide here and follow the simple steps to create one. Also, you can follow the steps as below to start setting up your Dmails account: 


1. Click "Create An ID" on the login page:


2. Choose "Create Dmails ID": 


3. Click "No" and continue: 


4. Choose your new unique ID:



5. Choose a strong password: 


6. You can add a recovery email address, too. And then, you are all set: 


7. Once you setup your ID, you can start crafting your first email on Dmails by choosing "New Message": 


8.  If the person that you want to send an email to who already has a Dmails account, you can just put her / his Dmails ID there. 


9You can also put her / his email (like regular Gmail address) there, and she / he will receive an email with a secure link and a password to decrypt the email message:


Dmail presents email on the new internet. With the blockchain technology, you no longer need to worry about giant tech companies sharing your data without your consent and flooding your inbox with spam.


Go give Dmails a try and let us know what you think!



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