What is Dharma? Dharma Links DeFi Directly with Your Bank Account in One Stop

2020-11-12 08:50:00 · 1688 views · 4 min read


As new crypto traders, you might have a lot of fiat-to-crypto headaches. 



The problem will no longer trouble you. Now a new DeFi trading platform, Dharma, enables you to go straight from US currencies to cryptocurrencies



You can deposit ETH or major stablecoins to your Dharma wallet from your US bank account with zero fees, then start trading. US-based users also have the ability to deposit to Dharma from a debit card stored in Apple Pay. The deposit amount is up to $250 per day and $1500 per month. Withdrawing from Dharma to your bank account is free, too. 


Then with the trading function, Dharma users can trade any of the 2000+ tokens in Uniswap, directly pay with U.S. bank accounts, with a 1.5% fee. And the max trading amount is $25,000 per week. 



The trading process is quite simple, with just 3 steps: 

  • Step 1: Deposit ETH or ERC20s into your Dharma account by sending assets to your Dharma Smart Wallet address, which is displayed in your Portfolio. 

  • Step 2: Find the Swap Tab (the leftmost tab)

  • Step 3: Input the tokens and amounts that you want to swap, click “Swap”, and simply confirm the trade.


The cryptocurrencies you purchased are stored in a non-custodial wallet, totally under your control. If you use the Dharma mobile app, it means to secure your assets with cryptographic keys stored on your device. It has already become one of the top mentioned crypto wallets, as it now ranks NO.5 by social signal on our Wallet topic page.


(Source: https://www.dapp.com/topics/crypto-wallet)



What’s more, you can easily track your crypto portfolio all in one place with real-time charts, price notifications, and position summaries.



Dharma builds a gateway to a variety of DeFi tokens and lowers the entry for new traders to the DeFi sector. Besides, we provide another choice for you. Buy 100+ coins with all major debit/credit cards, bank transfers and mobile payment including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, powered by Moonpay. 



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