DeHero, the Dark Horse of 2021: Expanding Influence in Gaming Field

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The year 2021 witnessed the birth of DeHero and its rapid development towards becoming one of the most popular blockchain games. It is time to count its past achievements and look forward to the journey ahead.


The Dawn of DeHero

DeHero, the BSC-based GameFi application incubated by MixMarvel, officially launched on July 13, 2021. 

It took mere 172 days of the last year for the card-collecting blockchain game to show a strong market performance and set many impressive records, appearing as a dark horse of the blockchain gaming industry.


Taking Remarkable Heights

DeHero took 6th place among all blockchain games ranking only three weeks after coming online and claimed the top spot in BSC blockchain games ranking one month later. 

In October, DeHero improved its ranking among all blockchain games to 2nd place with a 24H transaction volume of $2.4M, surpassing Axie Infinity. 

Later in November, it got into the whole-network chain game ranking on, sitting in 2nd place.


Promising Stats

Statistics show that DeHero’s Google search popularity has gradually increased since its first appearance in blockchain game lists last August. And its global search popularity has remained at an upper-middle level ever since and even reached its highest peak on October 16.

Received recognition and attention indicated the outstanding market performance of DeHero and urged it to become even better. In December, DeHero released an Equipment Fragment System, and currently, a brand new UI is being prepared and coming up soon.


2021 Data Highlights

There are some more highlight moments of DeHero in 2021 coming from data groups. They are worth noticing as well and are displayed as follows.

  • DeHero NFT Data

DeHero total combat power reached 1,405,385,831.

NFT cards number reached 288,525.

DeHero was subscribed by 884,877 users. (Data source:

  • DeHero Official Website Data

As of December 31, DeHero's official website view data is as follows:

Page View (PV) reached 1,731,245;

Unique Visitor (UV) reached 293,948;

Among these, the proportion of users who entered the official website through Google search has remained at the top. In December alone, there were 2,562 visits from Google.

  • Social Media Data

DeHero's official Twitter account was opened on October 21. As of December 31, the number of followers reached 10.3K with an activity rate of 4.8%. DeHero was mentioned 15,636 times on Twitter.

  • Social Community Data

The official DeHero Telegram group was founded on October 21. As of December 31, the number of official community members was 2,045, with an active rate of over 12%.

The official DeHero Discord server opened on September 1. As of December 31, the Discord server had more than 2,000 users and an active rate of 5%.


Achievements & Plans

DeHero has gone through a key developing stage in the past year of 2021, when various light application scenarios for NFT, such as card packs Shop, card-collectibles mining, Marketplace, and Heroes Lottery, were deployed.

In 2022, it will continue to construct more NFT application scenarios based on the existing GameFi, allowing its users to enjoy the game through rich gameplay and earn simultaneously (Play-to-Earn).


About DeHero

DeHero is the latest practice of the Staking Game concept first proposed by members of the MixMarvel community in 2019. It is a decentralized GameFi application based on Binance Smart Chain. By staking NFT assets, users can unbox NFT card packs, collect NFT characters, and do card mining with appropriate training strategies. As a result, users obtain DeHero’s governance token $HEROES. Users can also trade NFT cards in the trading market. More application scenarios, such as NFT card battles and DAO community co-governance, will be opened soon.


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