CryptoBattles Releases Play-to-Earn Protocol on BSC, Announces Token Sale

2021-11-30 21:54:07 · 1478 views · 5 min read

At its core, CryptoBattles should be considered a multiplayer metaverse that invites its inhabitants to compete in PVP duels and tournaments. As every winning battle is rewarded with the product’s native tokens, CryptoBattles allow decentralized gaming enthusiasts to monetize their gaming skills.


Once you find an opponent for the next duel, you can bet on the result ($5, $10, $20 and $50 bets are accepted). A winner earns 1.8x on his/her bet plus additional CBT rewards. These rewards can be spent on various “Play-to-Earn” activities launched by the CryptoBattles team. The gameplay design allows for betting with BEP-20 standard cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, including ETH, WBNB, BTCB, USDC, BUSD and BSC-USD.


Simply put, players (using equal armies of 100 warriors each) try to capture the bases of their opponents. Every duel is divided into three stages with seven bases in them.


Ten percent of fees raised from the participants of the tournaments are transferred to the staking rewards pool. As such, stakers of CBT can claim their share of CryptoBattles revenue.


Besides that, CBT owners will be able to purchase unique in-game skins for their characters as BSC-based digital collectibles (non-fungible tokens, or NFTs).


To take part in duels and tournaments, GameFi enthusiasts need to connect their Metamask wallets to CryptoBattle’s codebase. To do so, after adding Metamask plug-ins to their browsers, users should allow Cryptobattles games to access its funds.


Besides Ethereum addresses, users also need to set up a login and password. Also, CryptoBattles has implemented a referral program. Users invited by the owners of referral links should input their codes during registration.


CryptoBattles supporters earn 5% of rewards generated by their referrals.



CryptoBattles starts CBT token sale


On Nov. 16, 2021, the CryptoBattles team launched a public sale of its CBT token. Whitelisted users can take part in CBT token sale 1.0 while all other enthusiasts can take part in CBT sale phase 2.0.


To apply for the whitelist of phase 1.0, cryptocurrency owners must register on CryptoBattles’ main website. The whitelist will be closed successfully registering 1,000 people.


Out of 1,000 candidates, only 200 applicants will be allowed to take part in the inaugural token sale phase. The whitelist campaign will close on Dec. 16th, 2021, or after 1,000 registrations - whichever comes faster. Five million CBT tokens ($0.1 per CBT) are allocated for the first stage of the token sale (“Whale Pool”), while 14 million will be sold to participants of CryptoBattles’ second tokensale at $0.11 (“Dolphin Pool”). There is also a huge bonus for all participants of the Tokensale, all unsold tokens will be distributed between all Tokensale 2.0 and Tokensale 1.0 participants.


Eleven percent of the token supply was allocated for the private sale phase: the $0.088 price was set for large-scale “early birds” investors.


Currently, the team is undergoing a review of its product and token model by the research arms of centralized launchpads and exchanges.


In Q1, 2022, the CryptoBattles team will implement the elements of self-governance into the design of its protocol. CBT staking will launch, and voting for crucial upgrades will be organized.


Also, in the coming months, the CryptoBattles team will be focused on integrating other blockchains besides Binance Smart Chain. Polygon Network (MATIC) will be the first chain outside BSC for CryptoBattles.


Guild Battles and tokenization of in-game space (Land NFTs) are also expected to come in 2022.


Finally, mobile applications for different OS will be added to marketplaces in 2022.

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