What Is CryptoAvatars?

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The most basic digital asset that any virtual world can have and need are avatars, because they are the visual representation of your identity in the digital realm.



CryptoAvatars is a platform that allows avatar creators to mint single-edition Avatars. Each Avatar is tokenized as a unique non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain and Matic Layer 2 providing long-lasting value to their work, since anyone can prove the authenticity and ownership of each avatar, making it easy to give credit to the original creator, regardless the Metaverse layer they are being used in.

The avatar tokens are ERC721 single edition tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform allows you to showcase and sell Virtual Reality Avatars to collectors who are looking to own exclusive creations.



For Designers

Avatar designers have to apply to the onboarding process to get whitelisted, so they can mint avatar using the contract.



After this, the designers will have access to mint and sell avatars on the platform.



For Collectors

Collectors can browse and buy avatars for cryptocurrencies, such as ETH.



Thanks to the manual onboarding process, you can be sure you are buying from the original creator and that you’ll have a functional avatar.



Once purchased, an avatars VRM file can be downloaded and implemented in their favorite supported platforms. Only the owners of the NFT will have access to download the file.




There is some cost producing and sustaining CryptoAvatars.io, such as IFPS storage system, onboarding new artists, producing educational content, updating systems, developing VRM file format, etc.



There are 2 revenue models for the project:

  • The platform will take a 10% commission fee for the first sale of any CryptoAvatar NFT.

  • The platform will keep producing avatars under the CryptoAvatars brand that will provide an income for the team.


In the future, the team may develop new types of contracts that will have different qualities and properties like an ERC1155. 



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