Contract Servant - Make Blockchain Games Fun Again by Using NFT

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Contract Servant, a game originally from Japan, is building a next-generation blockchain game by leveraging the feature of the non-fungible token.


In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the game, from getting the card deck to trading and winning the game. 


What Is Contract Servant?

Not a regularly RPG-style card game that just simply uses blockchain as a part of the payment feature, Contract Servant is a blockchain game that built on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging the characteristics of NFT. In Contract Servant, no card has the same status and there are more than 1,255 billion combinations of them!


To play the game, you will need to collect the card first and you need 8 cards to build a deck:


What Is Special About the Game?

1. The synergy between the card game and NFT

Every blockchain game developer is figuring out the mass adoption and how to make that happen. Meanwhile, traditional card games still have some “problems” like:

  • Anyone can build the strongest deck just by building a deck and following the trend and stuff, so it doesn't have enough fun for the players

  • You have to build meta deck to win

  • You have to build a deck even though you don't like some particular cards that much 


These problems cause endless and unintended power inflation because without making new cards stronger than the ones that already released, no one will buy them. So, in the current environment, game developers have to create meta cards continually, no matter you’re working on a blockchain game or traditional game.


What the Contract Servant team has done to stand out from the crowd is to make players as their first priority, creating an interesting blockchain game for players that actually fun and people want to play.  


Contract Servant implements the uniqueness of NFT and creates an interesting game that is only available by using the advantage of NFT. The game is aiming to expand the utility of NFT in the game, which means realizing the specification of the blockchain game using the advantage of NFT.

2. The tulip bubble and a truly tradable card game 

The other important thing to make this blockchain game active is liquidity. If all of the players start selling the cards and also getting profit from reselling, the “tulip bubble” within the game will happen, like this: 


Liquidity is one of the important factors to keep the value of NFT as well as the blockchain games. To ensure the in-game liquidity, Contract Servant is trying to:

  1. Control the amount of circulating supply.

  2. Create a scenario that the huge demand from other players, even if the card does not fit in your deck.

  3. Set evaluation criteria other than rarity and status.

  4. Get income by holding the card: The longer you hold, the more you earn. 

  5. “Attractiveness of selling” < “Attractiveness of buying”: They want you to have fun when buying and creating new cards. 

3. Why you should start buying cards from Contract Servant now?

Like we mentioned earlier, all the cards are unique, which means even some cards happen to have the same name, the parameters of each card is completely different — and of course, the value is different. Thus, you may find the card perfectly fits your deck in the market and you will actually buy it because of this. 


Also, even you can’t find one in the market that suits your needs the moment, the game has a feature called MIX to solve this issue. MIX helps you to create your own card. You will be able to create new cards by using two NFTs and combining their allocated gene information. DNA mutations rarely produce higher rarity cards from lower rarity cards. And eventually, you will make your own strategy by building a deck with cards not circulating in the market — truly uniqueness! 

4. How to get the cards before the sale ends

Contract Servant has started the presales on December 18, 2019, and has raised a huge amount of money — 3,478 ETH, which was beyond the team’s expectations. According to the team, the main reason for the presale success because the Japanese blockchain community has realized how innovative and attractive Contract Servant is! 


Now you can head over here to get your Contract Servant cards. 


The Future Plan of Contract Servant

The Contract Servant team launched the game on January 28 and currently working on something very exciting for you — as we said in the beginning, they put the player at heart and dedicated to creating special game features to make the game more fun. And we’re looking forward to the future where Contract Servant makes the gaming experience more enjoyable by using NFT. 



“We had a great beginning but there are several problems we need to overcome. We need to increase the game players from overseas, especially from English speaking countries, however, we lack the ability to do promotion to overseas users. So, we are going to welcome staff fluent in English and increase the quality of English translation of Contract Servant and going to make our game easier to understand for non-Japanese users.” — Game producer Mr. Kazuyuki Tanaka and Mr. Jyunji Oshita CEO of Contract Servant


You may find Contract Servant on Twitter and the team is welcoming you to join their community on Discord, Telegram, and Guidiy


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