Chaingateway allows to interact with all Tokens on the Tron, ETH and BSC Blockchain

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What does Chaingateway do?

Chaingateway is a Blockchain API that is like the bank employee who enters your transaction slip into the system, informs you about incoming and outgoing funds, knows the current currency rate and informs you about your account balances. But the big advantage of Chaingateway is that you don't have to worry about the human element, you can send an automated request.

Furthermore, Chaingateway is not a banking institution, instead you have sole control over your accounts (wallets) at all times.

In short: This Blockchain API reduces your effort to make transactions, to keep up to date with the current events of your own or any other wallets, or to do various other things.


What Blockchains are supported at Chaingateway?

The support at Chaingateway is free of charge unlike the competitors at the moment. There are different channels. These Channels do support the Tron API, the Ethereum API and the Binance Smart Chain API. So, we can say that all Blockchain APIs which are offered have full support. Chaingateway does not offer 24/7 support at the moment, but it is still very fast and available when compared to the competition.

At the moment, the telegram group, the telegram support bot, e-mail and the ticket system are offered as channels. This large selection makes interaction quick and easy for every user. With over 140 members, the telegram group has a broad customer base where they can quickly exchange information with each other.

Support is offered in German and English.


What is needed to use Chaingateway?

In general, a developer with basic knowledge of REST APIs is required. The tutorials and the documentation on the site are good guidelines for the developer to start his work. The developer should be able to implement various fallback methods to catch errors and, if necessary, to recognize when the account is blocked. This is needed because the different Blockchain APIs are not that easy to handle, the Tron API and the Ethereum API and the Binance Smart Chain API are all a little bit different so you need to know how the specific networks are working in general.

The developer should also have basic knowledge of blockchain and transaction fees or acquire them for a successful integration.


How to use Chaingateway?

Chaingateway offers a free plan in which all functions can be tested. This plan offers all the features that are available in the higher-end paid plans. With this plan it is possible to develop, for personal use the following things can be done in a limited way: Transactions, the use of multiple wallets, IPN notifications and also other queries such as current status of any wallet.  This means that you do not take any risks and can quickly get an idea of Chaingateway with the help of the tutorials and documentation.

If more than the contingent included in the free plan is used, the support can simply be contacted to increase this for a then discussed test period. In the future it is planned that there will be evaluation plans with test networks. These will offer much higher limits.


Is Chaingateway trustworthy?

Chaingateway is a company registered in Germany - Europe. Chaingateway has a full business registration and is part of the Bitblade Holding. The Bitblade Holding emerged from Bitblade | Sobiera EDV Dienstleistungen that has been on the market since 2016. None of these companies has negative entries on any known review site. Therefore, there is no question that the solution is operated as a serious business. Bitblade | Sobiera EDV Dienstleistungen worked on an international level with customers worldwide until its transition into Bitblade Holding and Bitblade Solutions. It operated the network infrastructure, servers as well as other critical systems. Projects were also handled through this company. Chaingateway itself writes invoices which have been audited by a tax law firm in the international market. Therefore, it can be assumed that the management makes every effort to be serious.

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