Introducing CafeSwap: A Multi-Chain One-Stop DeFi Solution

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CafeSwap is a Standalone Automated Market Maker (AMM) offering a suite of yield farming, yield optimization, and staking platform, to trade multichain assets with the lowest transaction fees available. It is a one-stop DeFi solution to make decentralized finance services accessible to liquidity providers and yield aggregators. 

CafeSwap provides maximum return on investment coupled with a seamless user experience with its yield farming, staking, yield optimization, portfolio tracking, and launchpad services.



CafeSwap Expansion to Polygon

CafeSwap has recently launched on the Polygon Network in a bid to provide its users with a seamless experience. The current Polygon integration will ensure faster transactions on the block at lower fees while benefiting CafeSwap users with an overall improved user experience. This Expansion will also make the use of AnySwap bridge available  to bridge BSC CafeSwap tokens freely to the polygon chain.

Cross-Farming opportunities and rewarding Decentralised Exchange services will be accessible thereby enabling token holders to transact BREW and MOCHA tokens. This integration is also bringing the power of the pBREW token to Polygon. Binance Smart Chain and Polygon users will gain numerous benefits from this partnership, particularly accessibility to a secure and reliable technology.



CafeSwap Products

CafeSwap offers a one-stop approach in the world of decentralized finance. They have developed their DEX which is peculiar because of its very low transaction fee; one of the lowest in the BSC ecosystem. 

Their Staking option allows users to stake LP in their farms or Smartvaults and rewards them with proof of stake tokens that can be used to farm MOCHA. 

DualFarming allows users to earn two tokens simultaneously. Users that stake BREW or BREW-based LPs are rewarded with BREW and MOCHA.

Cafeswap also has a Portfolio Tracker that enables users to keep track of their liquidity positions and farm income in one place. It keeps consumers informed of the daily APR, daily returns, annual return, TVL, and other statistics necessary to make the right investment decision.

Cafeswap Migrate enables users to easily transfer their LPs from other decentralized exchanges to CafeSwap with a single click very easily.



The Importance of pBREW, BREW and MOCHA in the ecosystem

The native token of the CafeSwap ecosystem is $BREW. As a governance token, $BREW is used to reward the LP providers. Holders of BREW have access to multiple services and products offered, like governance voting, staking, and the opportunity to participate in ICOs (Initial Cafe Offerings). The token can be bought on the platform’s DEX, it is also listed on Centralized Exchanges: Bitmart and Bithumb. pBREW is the BREW token on the Polygon chain, also having numerous use cases within their ecosystem. 

MOCHA is a deflationary CafeSwap token that is limited in supply. Holders of the token have VIP privileges that offer them the opportunity to participate in IFOs on CafeSwap, farm BREW, and earn MOCHA from CafeSwap Smart Vaults. There are also dedicated staking pools reserved especially for MOCHA holders.

With all of the services available on the platform, CafeSwap is looking to expand its foothold in the industry. Their current priorities include building an NFT and Gaming integration and its Marketplace, Cross-chain integration, ICO NFT Model, Cafeswap Charting Integration On Dex, and a host of other products, all of which they hope to achieve in the coming months. Their ecosystem aims to resolve key problems in the DeFi space and currently, they are a key player in the DeFi industry.


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