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If you want to get the real answers, you need to ask questions. That is why the survey is very useful in our life. But did you know, Typeform had a security breach causing the firm to lose private survey data for tens of thousands of its customers last year? And around 6 million accounts were hacked from CashCrate – a site that facilitates users to take online surveys and get paid in return. This breach allowed hackers to have access to accounts and personal information, including email addresses, passwords, physical addresses and names of users.


We need to find a way to solve the problem. 


Why Privacy and Decentralization Matter to the Survey Industry? 

All of the above data breach incidents point out two important things: One is data breaches have been consistent and seem unstoppable, and the other one is there are decreasing confidence and trust levels of the public when it comes to surveys, polls or sharing of information online.


On reflection, our participation with surveys over the years has been very minimal and it was a conscious choice not to participate. This is primarily due to a lack of trust in humans while surveying. More than the intended data provided, we lose give our private data which we don't want to. Each time, we have seen an employee engagement or satisfaction surveys ran by an employer, we realized we have never answered authentically because we had a feeling that we are being watched or the privacy element is unconfirmed. We interviewed multiple people and asked if they felt the same. To our surprise, it is the same reason.


If all the data collected is seen only by the survey creator alone and not by anyone else, it will certainly increase the privacy and provides a worry-free experience for the survey users as well as the creators. 


What Is BlockSurvey and How Does It Work?

Built on top of Blockstack, BlockSurvey is a platform where you can easily create polls and surveys and guarantees complete confidentiality. On BlockSurvey, you are assured their answers won’t be revealed to creators. All relevant insights about the survey are confined strictly to the creators. This decentralized survey and poll creator guarantees the privacy of all users.


Here are some benefits of using BlockSurvey: 

  1. You only share answers, NOT identity

  2. The platform is end-to-end encrypted: All the interactions between data collectors and providers is encrypted. The answers submitted in surveys are encrypted and only the creator can see it.

  3. Smooth the surveying experience

  4. Advanced analytics

  5. Simple and elegant design


BlockSurvey believes privacy on surveys, polls, and forms is critical. Having a privacy-focused approach to this could lead to making better decision making overall by benefitting all the players involved in the process of surveying.


Below is a step-by-step guide to how to create your own survey in under two minutes using BlockSurvey’s templates. 


Step 1: Log in with Blockstack ID ( if you don’t have one, you can create it on the fly in a few seconds ) 

Step 2: Once logged in, click on "CREATE", you’ll see a pop up with “Create New (from scratch) or Create From template”. We suggest you start with "Create From Template", it helps you create a survey in a quicker time. 

Step 3: Search in templates for your desired form, if available select and preview them. If you like it, click on "Use Template". 


Step 4:  Go click "Use Template", takes your template to the builder. See if you want to customize it or change themes or add any preferences. 


Once you are good, choose "Preview" to see how the survey will look in desktop vs tablet vs mobile. And if everything looks good to you, go to the "Share" menu to publish your survey. 

Step 5:  Click on ‘Publish’ to make your survey public, and then share the survey with the world. 

You can share as a link, share on social media, embed it to a website or even circulate through QR codes. 

Step 6:  As you see people answering, you can see the results coming in the "Results" menu. 


Waiting for BlockSurvey 2.0: What Will It Bring? 

The BlockSurvey team is working towards advanced analytics so that people can interpret data collected through BlockSurvey in a quicker time. In the meantime, they are also focusing on is to make survey creation to near-zero time by adding thousands of templates domain wise. By this there is no survey or form creation block in mind, this is similar to writer's block. We will be expecting to use the new version in Q1 of 2020. 

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