What is Bitterz Platform? Turn into The Best Crypto Trader

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Even if it’s been just a decade since the arrival of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies conquered the forex trading market due to their volatile values. It is far more exciting to trade them than any other currencies, because the next day can bring to you a really big profit. 



Sure, you need to take risks, but it wouldn’t be so challenging without them. The smaller the odds, the better it feels to win, right? 



But if you feel too anxious to join the crypto experience, find that there’s a trading platform designed to help you overcome your fears – Bitterz



What Is Bitterz?


Understanding what stops people to join the world of crypto trading, an experienced team of Japanese developers created Bitterz - a Crypto CFD trading platform based on the MT5 technology.



Bitterz is both an international trading platform and a competent trainer for inexperienced users. It has multi-chart layouts with 21 timeframes, it supports up to 200x leverage, and it is really easy to use the interface.



The team aims to make cryptocurrencies even more popular, so we can be closer to a world independent of government and banks. This is why they put so much effort in making crypto trading accessible to anyone.



The Features of Bitterz


The team behind the Bitterz Crypto Trading Platform had three goals while working on the project. They wanted to create a safe environment, to build a trustful relationship with their users, and to make trading easier.



To reach all those things, the team provides three great features:

  • An enthusiastic support team;
  • A demo trading platform;
  • Protection over negative balance.



Available 24/7, the support team answers to any inquiry or troubleshooting. They quickly handle errors, flaws, and detect scammers. In order to make you feel understood, the team is currently fluent in:

  • English;
  • Japanese;
  • Chinese;
  • Taiwanese;
  • Korean.



Bitterz Demo Trade is a feature that really puts the company above others. You don’t need to use a real deposit - it is a feature for newcomers to practice trading. With all the tools of the real trading platform included, joining the crypto experience will be a piece of cake.



And to top up their services, Bitterz provides you with negative balance protection. That means if you have a bad day and your balance becomes negative, it will be automatically changed to zero. You don’t need to be afraid of losing more than what you can take anymore.





Crypto trading may seem a little scary if you are not prepared. But this is exactly what Bitterz wants to change. Developing features that help people to feel understood and safe is definitely something to admire.



Moreover, they don’t even charge fees for withdrawals, so that you can keep every penny you worked for.



So, what are you waiting for? Pluck up your courage and see what you are capable of!




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