BITSGAP: The Best Bet For Automated Crypto Trading

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The sheer number of crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies available to traders makes choosing which platform to use and what coin to trade an intimidating task. The complications involved in trading and managing crypto in itself poses another challenge. Bitsgap is, however, making these challenges less daunting.


Recent interest in cryptocurrencies has seen a proportional increase in the number of participants within the ecosystem. Despite the plethora of participating options, trading remains the common choice for most individuals. This situation has allowed crypto exchanges to take center stage and become increasingly important.


As of the time of writing, over 200 exchanges exist. Each of these platforms differs in trading pairs, terms/policies, trading fees, and payment methods. The user interface, designs, and functionalities are other considerations that must be factored in when choosing the most suitable during a trade.


Furthermore, issues such as security level, available liquidity, and customer support also play active roles. In a bid to balance these challenges, traders need to create and manage multiple exchange accounts to have a worthwhile trading experience. Traders, however, now have a better and more innovative solution to the reiterated problems called This platform provides an easy means to manage a portfolio, access the best exchange rates, and trade on all exchanges in one place using one account.


All-in-one trading platform

The ultimate goal of any trader is to maximize profit. Bitsgap aggregator gives traders access to multiple exchanges and ensures that they easily make trades on one screen. It simplifies the trading experience and allows better monitoring of investments across multiple exchanges. The platform helps its users boost their earnings with its automated trading solutions.


The trading platform was developed by an expert team of active traders, security specialists, and marketers to simplify trading tools. The CEO, Maxim Kalmykov, said that the difficulties experienced by crypto traders in search of the best prices on different exchanges inspired Bitsgap's creation.


The goal was to develop a unified solution that offered a stress-free trading experience. Several risk management tools like arbitrage, portfolio tracking services, and stop-loss/take profits were also incorporated to ensure efficient trading and managing of crypto assets.


Essential tools and services

The Bitsgap platform has integrated over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges. It also provides access to over a thousand cryptocurrencies on a quick, safe, and user-friendly interface.

The platform offers the following services;


  • Crypto trading bot

Users can take advantage of price volatility to trade profitably. Despite prevailing market situations Bitgap bots can execute buy and sell orders to ensure maximum returns. The following bots can be found on offer:


Sbot - An automated crypto trading bot that is perfect for the sideways market. It uses the grid strategy trading, which automatically initiates buy and sell orders within the users' defined trade limits;


Classic bot - shows best results during the uptrend. It purchases and sells a fixed amount of the base currency per order to maximize returns from completed trades as the price increases;


Combo bot - This is the ultimate solution for margin trading on Binance. Futures combine grid and DCA algorithms to maximize profits from leverage trading.


Traders on the platform can choose from these predefined and tested bots or create their bot trading strategy. These can then be backtested and their performances evaluated. The cloud-based online service allows the system to maintain regular updates.


  • Seamless trading

The trading interface on Bitsgap is packed with features that give users an advantage in the market. Traders are provided with fully supported TradingView charts that support over 100 of the most popular indicators. They can switch between their preferred exchanges and pairs at the click of a button and initiate trades of their choice.


Smart drawing tools and customizable chart types that ensure efficient technical analysis and price comparison in various markets are readily available. The availability of basic and advanced order types allows for greater control and flexibility when trades are made.


  • Portfolio management

Bitsgap can monitor its users' transactions from all of their connected exchanges. A detailed summary of transactions, profits, losses, and highlights of the most successful trades can be viewed at a glance. This detailed tracking provides the necessary hindsight needed to place better trades after spotting all the blind spots. The growth of any asset class is largely dependent on a sound management strategy.


  • Demo mode

New and old traders alike have the opportunity to practice adequately on the platform before investing their money. The demo mode allows all the trading features to be tested with virtual funds on all exchanges in a risk-free environment.


  • Arbitrage

Bitsgap's automated and AI-powered system offers arbitrage opportunities; this profits from price differences across exchanges.

Benefiting from arbitrage in cryptocurrency trading can be difficult. The lengthy time it takes to transfer funds from one exchange 'A' to another 'B' can allow the spread to disappear. Bitsgap can simultaneously execute buy and sell orders on the different exchanges without the need to transfer funds. Traders simply need to have fiat and crypto on the corresponding exchanges to execute orders at the click of a button.

Bitgap's AI-technology can detect and analyze more than 20,000 arbitrage opportunities within integrated exchanges in a few seconds.


  • Signals

Its tried, tested, and trusted algorithm analyses over 10,000 cryptocurrencies and gives users coins with the highest potential for profits. Trades can be executed straight from the trading interface with these signals while applying an appropriate risk management strategy.


In addition to all these, users enjoy 24 hours of fully dedicated customer support with desktop and mobile app access to ensure they never miss a trade. Competitive and flexible pricing is also on offer giving access to all these features to varying degrees. Users have the option of choosing any one of three subscription plans on offer (Basic, Advanced, Pro) depending on their expertise. The basic plan gives traders access to most features, except for arbitrage, which is available only on the advanced and pro plans. High-volume traders would, however, find Bitsgap Pro tailor-made for them.

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