Audience of 1 Billion Fans - Why NFT’s are Skyrocketing

2021-09-26 23:30:04 · 2128 views · 5 min read

The NFT ecosystem is expanding and incorporating new technologies to satisfy the need for development and customer demand.


One such innovative project is BAmongUs is a GameFi and rare NFT character collection that consists of 20,000 BAmongUs characters that have unique traits, attributes, and types. The NFT’s look similar to characters from a popular online social deduction game that has more than 1 billion players and fans around the world. The collection consists of 6 types of BAmongUs, including Aliens, Ghosts, Zombies, the Binance Team, Skinless and Normal characters. The BAmongUs platform is built on the established Binance Smart Chain and uses the most popular DeFi Metamask wallet. 


Some of the rare attributes of BAmongUs characters are laser eyes, tails, elf hats, golden characters, and more.


The BAmongUs project is currently in the minting stage, meaning users can obtain a random BAmongUs NFT from the available collection for 0.15 BNB, equivalent to $55 at the time of writing. The marketplace is set to launch on the day that all 20,000 BAmongUs are minted and will be available on the website. 


Once minted, the characters will be available for playing when the BAmongUs platform releases social deduction games on their platform. In return for playing, users will receive the governance token of the BAmongUs platform, which can be used to make management decisions on the further development of the project. The governance token will also be available on decentralized exchanges. 


An exciting feature of BAmongUs is the “Petize” function, allowing users to exchange 10 minted or purchased BAmongUs for cute pet animals that can be mixed together with another existing BAmongUs character from the users collection. Once “petized”, users will receive a one-of-a-kind NFT including a BAmongUs character and a random pet next to it.


The platform encourages users to mint more BAmongUs characters to participate in cashback pools. Minting 50 or more BAmongUs per account puts users in the “Newbie” pool, where 3% of the mint earnings (90 BNB) will be distributed between all of the users that minted more than 50 BAmongUs. Similarly, minting 150 or more BAmongUs places users in the “Pro” pool, where 7% of the earnings (210 BNB) will be distributed. 


Referral links are also a part of the platform, where users that mint or purchase BAmongUs with someone else’s link rewards them with 10% of the total transaction.


Once the mint process is over, users that participated in the mint will receive an airdrop of the governance token, which can also be obtained through the playing of games and purchasing on decentralized exchanges. 


Overall, this GameFi and NFT project should be considered by users that want variety in their NFT collections and would like to receive rewards for participating in online games. The project allows users several useful opportunities of making passive income, such as through pools, referral links, airdrop, and more. Make sure to participate in the minting process of BAmongUs by going on and obtaining your unique and demanded NFT at a lower price before all of them run out, as well as follow the social media pages to keep up with the latest updates and news.





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