What Is Angoname?

2021-07-15 23:30:00 · 1084 views · 3 min read


Come late but seek a really cool domain for your blockchain business? Have a look at Angoname, a marketplace for decentralized domains. Here below is a fun piece of comics created by the team.

You can buy any Blockchain Domains directly from Unstoppable Domains at the best rate, or from other users reselling on the secondary marketplace.  Or you can resell your Domains at your desired price only takes seconds by approving your Blockchain Domain NFT on Agoname Marketplace.



You’ll have permanent ownership of your purchased domain. And your ownership is verified by an Unstoppable Domains NFT, which stays still in your wallet. 



And the marketplace is easy to use. All you need to do is search the domain you want in the bar. 

For example, I search “dappt”. There are 3 domains available and the price varies. By clicking the one I’d like to purchase, I’ll be redirected to Unstoppable Domains to complete my deal.

So far, there are only 3 NFT traders in the Angoname marketplace, making 7 trades in a total of $22.46K volume. The domain market seems not active at present. 




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